Science Is a Step Closer to being able to cure Tourette’s syndrome

Tourettes syndrome is a life changing condition characterized by sudden involuntary movements and vocalizations. The symptoms of the disorder can be first observed during childhood and with the correct procedure, it can be contained or suppressed temporarily. The disease afflicts people from all walks of life and can be life-threatening to some individuals. Some research has proved the disorder is hereditary in nature.

The video found on this link:

Shows a man that has been suffering from Tourette’s syndrome since childhood. The symptoms can clearly be seen and heard. The disorder can be suppressed through attaching a brain implant connected to a rechargeable battery on the part of the brain responsible for the disease. As seen in the video the patient gets better after placement of the electrodes on his brain. The symptoms begin to disappear once electricity starts to pass from the batteries to the specific part of the brain the electrodes are placed on.

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