Why Coolpad Conjr is Your next Smart Phone Solution in 2017

Why Coolpad Conjr is Your next Smart Phone Solution in 2017

Why Coolpad Conjr is Your next Smart Phone Solution in 2017

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Coolpad is a brand that has been in the US since 2012. The Coolpad brand recently launched a smartphone called the Coolpad Conjr. It is the brands first steps in having unlocked phones from its brand in the US. The phone has very decent specifications for a phone in its price range. It is supposed to retail for about $179.99. It is positioned to compete with other unlocked budget phones currently in the market. They include brands such as the Honor and Blu smartphones.

The Coolpad Conjr has a rounded gray slab which makes it have a very sleek design with rounded edges to make the grip on the edges smooth while holding the phone. The Coolpad Conjr comes with a 5.5 inch display that has a good saturation of colors. The screen is a 720 p screen which ensures that the display quality of the phone will be very decent for a budget phone. In today’s era everyone is looking for an affordable phone which has a good quality camera and the Coolpad Conjr does not disappoint on this frontier at all. It comes packed with a 13MP (mega pixel) back camera and an 8MP mega pixel front facing camera. This ensures that your photos and selfies will always be rich and clear making you be able to document all those memorable moments in life on your phone. The phones camera makes photos look great outside even with photos taken in a very sunny environment.

Why Coolpad Conjr is Your next Smart Phone Solution in 2017

Why Coolpad Conjr is Your next Smart Phone Solution in 2017

The Coolpad Conjr also comes with 16GB gigabytes of internal storage in order to give you ample space to store everything you may need on your phone. This may include pictures, music and even documents and applications. It has a micro SD slot to support any additional storage you might need that supports an SD of up to 128GB. The device comes with 3GB gigabytes of RAM which means that the processing power of the phone will be fast and stable to accommodate a lot of tasks running concurrently on the phone without any lag or hanging incidences. This also ensures that the phone is not slow which is a key factor in most smartphones these days. If a phone is slow it loses its viability in the fast paces world and soon enough no one will be interested in it so phone companies have to make their devices faster and smarter.

The Coolpad Conjr comes with a MediaTek 6735 processor which is a decent processor and will guarantee good results due to its capable processing power. It is also has LTE support which ensures that it can run on some of the fastest networks. The phone is powered by a 2500 mAH battery which is quite decent and will ensure to give you eight hours of battery usage which is good for a full day on one single charge.

The device was featured in Consumer Electronic Summit CES 2017 by the brand Coolpad. It is a very good performing entry level phone with an amazing design. The phone also comes with a fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone that ensures encryption on the phone can be supported by finger print authentication. The device come with it the android 6.0.1 marshmallow which makes the phone looks quite decent and has a good skin orientation. This is due to the fact that the icons look very different from the customary android icons which users are used to. There is a need to have a third party launcher to make the phone look better and have a good premium look.

The Coolpad Conjr has a cool manager utility application that has a lot of useful features in it. They include features such as easy app privacy setting, call blocking and app by app data limitation. You can also be able to log into two different WhatsApp and Facebook accounts on the same device running at the same time which is a really cool feature.

The Coolpad Conjr in conclusion is an amazing budget phone that is packed with a lot of power in it. It also comes with a good quality camera to give nice results in almost any kind of setting. The device is available for purchase from major retail and online stores from $179.99 Get yourself one and get to enjoy the benefits that come with it.


Playing with Coolpad Conjr cool selfie feature!
What’s your best selfie face? Upload your selfie using the hashtag #OhMySelfie for a chance to win a Coolpad Conjr. For more info go @coolpadamericas!

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