50 Battlegrounds Players Band Alongside one another To Exam The Video game&#039s Limits | Rare Norm

50 Battlegrounds Players Band Alongside one another To Exam The Video game&#039s Limits

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the only thing 50 players gathered in the same compact house are meant to do is kill each and every other. But with enough coordination, something is possible.

Accurately like in that a person pivotal scene from The Hunger Online games, DooM49‘s band of renegades refused to slaughter each and every other all through a modern match, and in its place poured hundreds of bullets into a solitary frying pan (by means of Reddit):

They also ramped many cars and trucks into h2o, did some synchronized swimming, and lobbed so lots of grenades and molotovs at a hill that the activity slowed to a crawl.

Did they take care of to split the activity? No. In the close, most people formed two orderly lines, took aim, and bid farewell to their mortal coils and also each and every other. If absolutely nothing else, nevertheless, they proved that frying pans truly are indestructible, and that the true PlayerUnknown is the mates we make alongside the way.

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