50 Minutes Of Fallout 76 Gameplay In 4K

50 Minutes Of Fallout 76 Gameplay In 4K

50 Minutes Of Fallout 76 Gameplay In 4K

The time has finally come to see what exactly Fallout 76 is all about. We put together the best 50 minutes from our time with the game. Enjoy!

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Dustin Spalding - 11 months ago

FortThesda 76th Nite

Zayx - 11 months ago

This is just a Fallout 4 coop mod without story, just a coop mod.

Tony From Syracuse - 11 months ago

finally my 600 dollar monitor pays off.

Hunter Rosen - 11 months ago

I’ll pass.

Cloud Anima - 11 months ago

Poor console pic!

Jarrod Ruonavar - 11 months ago

not really impressed from what I have seen, this one may be a pass for me

Cloud Anima - 11 months ago

All what Bethesda need is remastering Fallout 3 and NV

Tony Jiang - 11 months ago

They really didnt put too much work on this. No interior places to explore. No wonder why the map is bigger. No story, that’s gonna kill the game, because story driven single player game has always been bathesda’s selling point

MF-Penguin_ - 11 months ago

Man. I was so excited for this, I’ve been wanting another fallout game and this is what we get. I think I still might get it, but it’ll be a while. I’m so disappointed. Literally looks like they didn’t change anything, different state, a few new monsters and added multiplayer and that’s it.

xXxFallen11xXx - 11 months ago

guess its more skyrim for a while longer

ricky worthington - 11 months ago

I only had to wait 44 minutes for you to turn the music on lol

Matt Merced - 11 months ago


ILker Lothbrok - 11 months ago

umm this is actually fallout 4 with some little dlcs and multiplayer

maxstartable - 11 months ago

I sincerely hope this game flops miserably as it should so Bethesda finally gives the Fallout Franchise to Obsidian >.>

EroticPotato - 11 months ago

Me: You know it all sounds terrible but I guess Ill wait to actually see it before I make any judgements.

Sees it

Me: Oh…

Dankus Memeys - 11 months ago

WTF did ya'll expect??

floxivnn - 11 months ago

do you think a GTX 960 is still good enough for this game? (:/

Trelaras Leontas - 11 months ago

is this a joke?!

RaygrHD - 11 months ago

How i feel about an online Fallout game 2:02

hoodie 225 - 11 months ago

They could atleast add faction wars

Arian TheGeek - 11 months ago

2012 graphics

Sean H - 11 months ago

Honestly this looks like fun but it looks EXACTLY like Fallout4. They just added some more bloom or EnB to it. I mean Im only going to get this solely for the new world to explore, and I sure as shit will be staying away from other players. Bethesda just doesnt want to listen to their fans, give the game over to Obsidian, they know how to make Fallout.

youngest flexer - 11 months ago

looks 1:1 like fallout 4 with just HUD-update

Lorcan - 11 months ago

I think it looks good

Tim Fields - 11 months ago

Fuck it I’m making fallout newer Vegas

Tim Fields - 11 months ago

Re installing fallout nv and 3 right now until this game goes away from my recommended

ZGX - 11 months ago

Idk why everyone is complaining. Ik it’s not traditional fallout but they out right said this wouldn’t be and it’s just a one time thing. This just a side project and personally I wasn’t expecting to see another fo game for atleast another 5 years

Brandon Ripley - 11 months ago

Red dead redemption 2 gave us what we wanted from Fallout 76

Suraj Mehta - 11 months ago


nightwing - 11 months ago

Is this a new game?

Realest Homie - 11 months ago

better play eso

Richard Hewitt - 11 months ago

Fallout 3 in 4k looks better than this…What are Bethesda even doing over there?

He man - 11 months ago

I love how they are trying to actually make it look like there's shit to do or that its intense

Emperor Fancy pants - 11 months ago

I will keep my money for cyberpunk 2077 at least they know What they are doing and are willing and able to bring quality for decent price

Elias Webb - 11 months ago

Looks decent

Jani Puranen - 11 months ago

Why buy fallout 76?
I already have fallout 4.

Copy paste game + bigger map and few new things.
Which mods can give for free!!

Zane Haase - 11 months ago

I live in wv this is actually scary

Jamie Hestruth - 11 months ago

Boring ..

HappyBuggy - 11 months ago

How are they still using that buggy ass Oblivion engine?

Stark Draws - 11 months ago

Omg!! if I didn't watch this gameplay I'd have probably pre-ordered the game!!! Happy I can save my money for better games.

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