A Friend In Need (Walkthrough)

A Friend In Need (Walkthrough)

A Friend In Need is a side quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey involving Heitor.

Your task is to help Heitor retrieve his favorite weapon, i.e. his sword called the Harpe.

Here’s a brief walkthrough of A Friend In Need in AC Odyssey.


This quest is recommended for those level 40 and above, but it may differ according to your own level.

To begin, talk to Heitor who is at the Abandoned Farmlands in Attika. His exact location is shown in the map below.


You will find him here. Previously, you met him in Kephallonia where you first started the game.



Find and retrieve Heitor’s sword

Your main objective is to get his sword back. You can find it hidden in Fort Phyle of Parnes Mountains.

The exact location of the fort is shown in the map below, marked as the quest symbol.


As you arrive, you’ll notice a huge fort called Fort Phyle. There are some location objectives you may want to complete here.


The sword is actually located quite close to its walls. However, the area is heavily fortified with guards.


Just loot the chest to grab Heitor’s Harpe (sword). You can choose to run away if you’re feeling lazy to fight.


Return the sword to Heitor

Now, get back to Heitor who is waiting at the Abandoned Farmlands, i.e. same location as before and shown in the map below.


During the conversation, you can choose to return the sword to him or lie and say that the sword is gone forever.

I chose to lie to him and he believed me. As quest rewards, you will get Heitor’s Harpe.

If you had given it back, maybe you would have gotten some drachmae and other items, but I’m not certain about this.


And that’s it for this quest.


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