A Legendary Hunt (Lykaon Wolf)

A Legendary Hunt (Lykaon Wolf)

A Legendary Hunt is a quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey involving The Lykaon Wolf.

Your role is to kill the Lykaon Wolf and retrieve its head for the Spartan kings.

Here’s a walkthrough of A Legendary Hunt in AC Odyssey.


This quest is recommended for those level 36 and above.


Find and kill the Lykaon Wolf

Your only objective in this quest is to find and retrieve the Lykaon Wolf’s head. You can find the wolf in Lakonia, towards the northwestern part of the Dioskouroi Peninsula.

Its exact location is shown in the map below.


You can use one of the ship docks in Lakonia and sail towards the other part of Lakonia.


You should spot the wolf in an open field. The battle is pretty straightforward but you have to deal with the other wolves during the battle.


The annoying part is perhaps the regular wolves. The Lykaon Wolf will howl and call for help, and there’ll be plenty of these regular wolves coming towards you.

Keep hitting the Lykaon Wolf to reduce its HP and eventually kill it, otherwise the other wolves will keep spawning.


Once it’s dead, you will get the quest items.


As quest rewards, you will get a Wolfslayer’s Breastplate and some drachmae.


The quest then completes here.


The Lykaon Wolf side quest

This quest “A Legendary Hunt” happens to intertwine with another quest called The Lykaon Wolf, which was given by Daphnae, Daughter of Artemis.

Get back to her in Phokis and claim your rewards as well, in exchange for the pelt.



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