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A Listing Of Things I Nevertheless Have To Do In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

“Increase my Endurance Wheel” is not on this checklist.

According to my Nintendo Switch, I’ve set additional than a hundred twenty five hours into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’ve defeated Ganon, of system. I’ve also taken down an military of monsters, concluded a bunch of shrine puzzles, and discovered a ton of Korok seeds. There’s continue to so considerably to do.

Like a good deal of folks, I took a split from Breath of the Wild just after Nintendo in depth the game’s first downloadable expansion, which arrives out upcoming week on June 30. It is referred to as The Master Trials, and it adds a number of new difficulties for Website link, some new gear, and a new difficulty degree. I am thrilled about all of that things, and I want to help you save some of the match for it. I’d been happily taking in chips and dip, only to master that our server would be bringing a delicious new range of dip in 30 minutes. I never want to take in all the chips right before the new dip comes, or I won’t have just about anything to set the dip on.

In anticipation of the expansion, I’ve absent back into my Zelda match to look at my to-do checklist.

Here’s what I have left to do in Breath Of The Wild:

  • 34 aspect quests. I have practically 50 percent of the seventy six attainable aspect quests continue to to total. I know the aspect quests in Breath of the Wild are not particularly The Witcher 3 content, but I continue to like executing them. Certainly, even the ones the place you have to convey a particular weapon to a particular man or woman.
  • ten shrine quests. I’ve solved 32 shrine quests, but continue to have ten to go. Exactly where are they? What do they include? I have a few of them in my quest log, but the other seven are a mystery.
  • 22 shrines. I’ve concluded ninety eight of the a hundred and twenty shrines in the match, which leaves 22 for me continue to to total. I turned off my shrine detector a extensive time ago, but I may possibly have to convert it on to locate the last number of.
  • 753 Korok Seeds. I’ve discovered 147 of the 900 Korok Seeds in the match, which feels like a good deal and is basically a hilariously little total. This is the one particular factor I may possibly not be in a position to do on my own, even with the Korok Detector hat that arrives with the DLC. I really like getting the small dudes, but 753 is a major quantity. If you requested me to rely to 753 right now, I wouldn’t want to do it simply because it would take so extensive.
  • The large greater part of the Hyrule Compendium. I under no circumstances definitely centered on filling out my Hyrule Compendium, and it is likely way too late to start now. Is there a powerful cause to do this? I sense like there isn’t.
  • An intimidating quantity of armor upgrades. I invested one particular April weekend having deep into upgrading my armor, but was only in a position to total a little quantity of the complete upgrades that my wardrobe demands. I acquired my entire Guardian Armor, Champion’s Tunic, Hylian Trousers, and Amber Earrings up to 4 stars, but every little thing else is a few at most effective. Miles to go.
  • A bunch additional things from Fang and Bone. I’ve acquired numerous masks from Kilton, but continue to haven’t purchased most of his definitely fantastic things, including the hilarious Dim Website link outfit. I want it so bad, and it is so pricey. It will be mine. I also gather that Kilton has a quest similar to minibosses, and I sort of want to total that.
  • The Desert Labyrinth. I’ve overwhelmed the other two, and experienced a fantastic time. The desert one particular has a roof, which helps make it additional tricky. It is definitely just a make any difference of heading there and not leaving until I end.
  • I’m sorry about the chips and dip analogy from right before. I’ve been imagining about it given that I wrote it, simply because it was quite bad. I could have minimize it and the post would have been fine, but I left it in simply because I’m hungry. That is no justification, and I apologize.
  • Hateno Village. I’ve nonetheless to make any real development serving to Hudson make Hateno Village. I definitely want to make this one particular happen, so like the labyrinth, it is just a make any difference of focusing on the quest and figuring out what the male desires.
  • Leviathan Bones…? I imagine this quest includes getting all of the major-ass skeletons scattered all around Hyrule, and even imagine I’ve discovered most of them on my own. But I basically haven’t gotten the quest nonetheless and never know the place to get it. I only know that it exists simply because I’ve heard folks discuss about it. Also, anytime I imagine about this quest, I start singing “Outside Bones” by Titus Andromedon.
  • Some form of coliseum? A commenter the moment advised me there’s a coliseum somewhere. I gather it has Lynel in it. I imagine I the moment saw a screenshot of it online. I’ve under no circumstances been in a position to identify it, and have no real concept the place it is. (Never inform me!)
  • Whatsoever is situated right here. There’s this ring of statues (I guess?) situated in the desert in the vicinity of Gerudo Town:
Stephen tells me there’s some thing amazing there and I haven’t experienced time to go look at it out. Probably this is the coliseum? One way to locate out.
  • Likely like ten other points I never know about. I’ve taken terrific pains to avoid on the lookout up Breath of the Wild strategies or spoilers, which means there are continue to secrets I never know about and locations I haven’t discovered. Each time I enjoy this match, I ordinarily wind up getting at the very least a few or 4 amazing points I hadn’t acknowledged about. I’m guaranteed that will happen loads additional times.

As before long as upcoming week’s DLC hits, I’ll dive back in and start checking additional things off my checklist. I like Breath of the Wild more than enough that it is plausible that I’ll basically end every little thing by the conclude of the 12 months.

Alright, besides maybe the Korok Seeds.

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