Angry Birds Relying More on Merchandise and Candy, Less on Games

Angry Birds Relying More on Merchandise and Candy, Less on Games

Angry Birds was a phenomenon when it came to iOS in 2010, and Rovio, the studio that hatched them, still relies on the birds to bring in that sweet golden birdseed. Rovio recently revealed an Angry Birds content roadmap that focuses heavily on new merchandising opportunities, including another set of Chupa Chups-branded confectionary products.

The new Chupa Chups deal is part of a long-term partnership that ties in with recent news about another Angry Birds movie hitting theatres in 2019. The first Angry Birds movie, released in 2016, has brought in $352 million worldwide to date. That’s in addition to whatever Rovio made off merchandise, so it’s no mystery why the studio wants to pump everything it has into the furious avians (even if stuffing a live bird will theoretically only make it angrier).

Seems like the armless birds made famous by the original iOS game are nearly extinct.

Rovio also has plans for an Angry Birds’ television show, a stage show, location-based promotions, and more YouTube-based cartoons.

Rovio’s intention to lean heavily on merchandise instead of actual Angry Birds games might be prompted by the fact its most recent games in the franchise, Angry Birds Match and Angry Birds Evolution, fell short of expectations. Rovio also closed its London studio earlier this year, which was working on an unnamed non-Angry Birds IP.

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