April’s Xbox One Update Comes With Major Visual Upgrades, Details Here

April's Xbox One Update Comes With Major Visual Upgrades, Details Here

Starting today Microsoft is finally rolling out new Xbox One updates today which brings with it a host of audio and visual updates to the Xbox One family of consoles. Biggest of all is the 1440p support for Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

With the update, Xbox One S and X consoles will work with QHD (2560 x 1440) displays. Microsoft also introduced AMD FreeSync support which lets displays compatible with AMD Radeon FreeSync work with the Xbox One. FreeSync is a variable refresh rate that will reduce input latency, meaning your displays will stutter less.

Xbox One 1440p Update

What’s even better is if your TV has game mode which Microsoft now supports. Called Auto Low-Latency Mode, consoles will switch automatically to game modes found in newer TVs with latency reduction modes. It will then switch off if you turn on a video app like Netflix.

On the audio side, Xbox One consoles will now allow players to balance the audio from streaming apps like Spotify with the background music of the games they are playing within the Guide. A new slider will allow players to adjust between outside audio and in-game audio.

The sounds of the Xbox itself have been improved with the Home and Guide sounds revamped to support spatial audios so audio cues will match the actions and prompts made on the screen.

On the streaming font, the Mixer Interactive feature will be coming to Xbox One with the new update. Mixer is Microsoft’s in-house streaming service that includes features directly requested by Microsoft first-party developers like Rare.

Source: Microsoft

The Mixer Interactive feature will let streamers pass of controls to their game to their audience, very much in the vein of a Twitch Plays X kind of deal, though more streamlined as it’s directly integrated into the service.

The Xbox One consoles are adding new improvements to help players. While the system is still struggling with the lack of exclusive games, it makes up for it with a wealth of backwards compatabile games, and Xbox One X visual enhancements. You can also see our list of best Xbox One games here.

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