Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: A Godless Blight (Walkthrough)

A Godless Blight is a side quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in Lakonia.

Your task is to help a lady find out why her crops aren’t growing as intended.

Here’s a walkthrough of A Godless Blight in AC Odyssey.


This quest is recommended for those level 45 and above, but it may differ according to your own level.

To begin the quest, get to the Forest of Eurotas, in the exact location shown in the map below.


Talk to this lady who owns a huge crop field.



Talk to the helots

She will ask you to investigate what happened to the crops, and maybe the helots (her workers) know something.

There are two helots to talk to, each with their own issues. The locations of the helots are shown below.


The first helot I talked to was the woman.


She will then ask for your help in getting some mint due to her health issues.

Get back to the owner’s place. There should be mint behind the house.


Go back to the helot and give the mint to her. She will then tell you that the soil is contaminated.


Investigate the field

Get to the location shown in the map below. You will find that the soil there is contaminated.


There are three clues to investigate, as shown below.


Alexios will then decide to burn all of the contaminated crops. Just use your torch and throw it on the crops.

The game even indicated the exact crops to be burnt with the arrows.



Talk to Maron the helot

Once you’re done, talk to the other helot.



I chose “Tell me how to help”. He will then ask for a new shovel.

Get back to the owner’s place, and there should be a shovel behind the silo.


Deliver the shovel to the helot and he will tell you about the river.


Investigate by the river

Get to the river shown in the map below.


As you get there, interact with three different clues to proceed. The clues are all near the river.



Alexios will then discover plenty of bodies near and inside the river, which is probably the cause.


Carry the dead bodies out

There are three dead bodies in the river. Carry each one of them out and put them at the designated location.


You may encounter a bear nearby.


This image below is the place you should throw the bodies.



Talk to Lanike

Once you’re done with both helots, get back to Lanike. Talk to her.


During the conversation, I chose to say that it’s her own fault.


She will then be angry but you will still complete the quest. You will get a Spartan Grain Scythe and some drachmae.



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