Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Doctor’s Pet (Walkthrough)

Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Doctor's Pet (Walkthrough)

Doctor’s Pet is a side quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey that is based in Thasos.

Your task is to find a doctor who can supposedly cure the illness of Neleus.

Here’s a walkthrough of Doctor’s Pet in AC Odyssey.


This quest is a support quest and is recommended for those level 44 and above.


Get to Aliki Quarry

Although the quest started on the island of Lemnos, you have to sail to Aliki Quarry on Thasos.


You can grab your ship in the nearby dock.


Once you’ve reached the quarry, you have a new objective on finding the doctor.


Investigate the quarry

Use your eagle to pinpoint the exact location of where you have to go. As you can see in the screen below, that’s where you have to be.


When you reach the area, talk to the two men with the magnifying glass symbols on their heads.


After the cutscene, you will be attacked by some quarry guards. Kill all of them first and go find the doctor elsewhere.



Find the doctor at the Silver Mines

Apparently the doctor was taken to the Silver Mines and held captive there. It’s just 200+ meters north of the quarry. As you get to the area, you’ll notice a couple of guards.


You can sneak through them and walk into the mines.


Keep going and you’ll meet some guards on the way. You can kill some of them stealthily.


There’s also a treasure chest to loot.


Keep going until you finally reach the doctor. He is inside the cage. Unlock the door and he will flee.



Escort the doctor

Follow him out of the Silver Mines.


Keep going until he stops somewhere outside the area. Talk to him.


During the cutscene, he will ask for you to volunteer to be his test subject. I chose the first option “You’re useless”.

He will then say he was coerced to use the medicine on people.



Kill the doctor’s captors

Since the doctor is under coercion, find and kill his captors.

There are two of them as you can see in the map below.


As you get closer and use your eagle, you will get the exact locations of both of them, as shown below.


They are inside Koinyra Fortress. One is near the cliff. You can just stealth kill from above.


Another is hiding inside a building with many guards. Kill him and you’re done.


The quest completes after you’ve killed two of the doctor’s captors. You will earn a Physician’s Linothorax and some drachmae.



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