Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Journey’s End (Walkthrough)

Journey’s End is a side quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey that involves accessing a secret door.

After Phidias died, your task is to find out where the secret door is, based on the hidden symbols you found earlier.

Here’s a walkthrough of Journey’s End in AC Odyssey.


This quest is recommended for those level 47 and above, but it may differ according to your own level.

It starts automatically after a quest where you find Phidias dead.


Find the secret room

As you have obtained all hidden symbols, your only objective is to find the secret room and access it.

The exact location of the room is shown in the map below, marked as the quest symbol. It’s inside the Ancient Stronghold on Lemnos.


You should see a huge base filled with guards. You can access the place quietly and sneak in or just go ahead and kill the guards.


As you enter a building, you should find the secret room here. There are also guards in the building.

To access the room, you need to first solve the puzzle.



Solve the puzzle

Look into your inventory and you should find your Scytale. Follow the images below. The second and third symbols are there to confuse you, since it’s white and black on the Scytale, but in the room, it’s the reverse.



The order of the symbols

You can follow the order in which I interacted with the symbols below.





After interacting with all four on the same order, you should unlock the door.


Loot the chest

After entering the room, you will only find a single chest inside.


Loot the chest and the quest completes here. You will get an Atlantean Blade with some drachmae.

It will also unlock an engraving of “30% armor penetration”.


Below are the blade’s stats. You can also engrave your own equipment with the 30% penetration at the blacksmith now.



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