Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Love’s Long Shadow (Walkthrough)

Love’s Long Shadow is a quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey that is involved with Medusa.

Your task is to simply follow Bryce to the Writhing Dread’s lair.

Here’s a walkthrough of Love’s Long Shadow in AC Odyssey.


Thid quest is recommended for those level 46 and above. It actually unlocks automatically after completing the previous Romancing The Stone Garden.


Follow Bryce

The only objective of this quest is to follow Bryce to the Writhing Dread’s lair.


During the journey, you should realize how odd the place is. There are also many people that turned into stone, which indicates that Medusa is behind this.

She is probably holding the last artifact you need for the Atlantis quest, since the last artifact is in Lesbos.


Keep following Bryce and have a conversation on the way.


At one point, you should hear Ligeia’s voice. Bryce will then run towards the voice.


Keep up with her and you will reach this huge entrance, but you need a key/disk to enter. It becomes a fast travel spot, similar to when you faced the minotaur in an earlier quest.


And that’s it for this quest. You will get a Petrified Blade plus drachmae. It will also unlock support quests to find the key for the door.



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