Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: The Great Contender (Walkthrough)

The Great Contender is a side quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on the island of Melos.

It’s part of the Battle of One Hundred Hands and your task is to defeat everyone else in battle.

Here’s a walkthrough of The Great Contender in AC Odyssey.


This quest continues right after Call To Arms and it is recommended for those level 45 and above.

Follow Drakos to the gates where the battle is held.


He will then stop in front of the gate and just talk to him to begin the battle.



Kill all contenders

The battlefield is pretty huge compared to everything else you may have encountered in the game. Just remember that the contenders are not in the city itself, so don’t climb over the walls to find them.


There’ll be contenders everywhere in the battlefield, so just kill everyone you can see. The real difficulty lies in finding the contenders, because some of them are hiding either up high on a hill or deep in a cave.


There’ll be a couple of forts within the battlefield itself. Eliminate everyone in those forts.

The bar on your upper left hand corner shows the completion rate.



If you can’t find anyone else, try going further until you reach the coastline where there are green (poisonous) water.


Also, there are some hiding inside a cave where they are actually working together.

Regardless, they’re all pretty weak.


After defeating almost everyone, I finally found the last few guys hiding up on the hill.



Return to Drakios

Once you’ve defeated everyone, get to the gates to meet Drakios. The exact location you have to be is shown in the map below, marked as the quest symbol.


During the cutscene, you will realize that Roxana is the other person left standing. Your final task is to defeat her in battle (or not).

This is part of the subsequent quest.


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