Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Romances Are A Bit Creepy, But Combat Is Fantastic

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Romances Are A Bit Creepy, But Combat Is Fantastic

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Romances Are A Bit Creepy, But Combat Is Fantastic

We played the first eight hours of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and so far, it’s a lot of fun. Here are some of our highlights. Odyssey releases on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 5th.

GameSpot - 11 months ago

What are you looking forward to in Odyssey this year?

NeedMorePuppies - 11 months ago

Yay, let's fly in the face of everything Assassin's Creed is about in the pursuit of money

Dana Paymardi - 11 months ago

I hope not all the things in it's dialogues are weird as it is for romance.
I liked origins , I love TW3 ( like the best game ever) , I wish this to be good game as well.

PsihoDD - 11 months ago

Game has definitely improved but in story telling still a long way to catch up with The Witcher 3.

Richard Rocha - 11 months ago

All these males complaining about the absence of nudity on a videogame is depressingly laughable.

Prometheus - 11 months ago

I hate the Spartan Kick. The whole concept of it is lame. Just in terms of physics, if a real person had a kick that powerful, he'd need to be the size of an elephant. It's all based on the "This is Sparta!" kick from the movie "300", where Leonidas kicks a guy an incredible… 3 feet. In this game, you can kick people 20 feet. It's ludicrous.

Prometheus - 11 months ago

I wish people would stop citing "The Witcher 3" as the be-all and end-all of gaming. Let's not forget that that game had some serious problems with movement – stairs were an issue and a 1ft tall log was an impenetrable barrier. Sure, it had some good stuff in it, but it was hardly the game which all other games must be measured against.

LDA - 10 months ago

The models look like half melted plastic.

ks ks - 10 months ago

AC has the worst writing I've ever seen. How can this turn out to be anything but a cluster truck?

Caio Ramos - 10 months ago

targeting in combat seems as bad as in origins, I was so hoping switching targets was made automatic like in Shadow of War or The Witcher, which feels so organic and natural. For me Origins combat, when you are fighting 2+ targets, feels clunky as hell

Dawaleeb Alhawa - 10 months ago

Remove the muscular, man like built woman (unnatural) and I'll buy the game.

officepenguinDIO Hall - 10 months ago

Is it just me or does Jordan sound like Josh dun from tøp

Satyam Barnwal - 10 months ago

Its graphics are like gta v

GrimDMasterMind - 10 months ago

What's the point of having romance "Options" in a game that surrounds viewing the past through the eyes of your ancestors…?

Kavinth Amirthanathar - 10 months ago

Don't wanna be that guy, and the game does LOOK fine, but uh… doesn't it look a little laggy during the intro?

Kavinth Amirthanathar - 10 months ago

Imagine if this was moddable as Skyrim or Fallout.

Kavinth Amirthanathar - 10 months ago

The entire footage seems like it's lagging…hopefully this is just because of what they used to record the gameplay or some shit Youtube does

Kavinth Amirthanathar - 10 months ago

8:05 I kinda cringed

PhoenixOfDestruction - 10 months ago

Assassins Cree(pers)d XD

chicken 27 - 10 months ago

I got the pack that cost £214 (most expensive) and everything hadn't arrived yet does anyone know if there is a day they are all supposed to arrive cus I can't wait anymore lol

RunningBlade4902 - 10 months ago

People forget how creepy that Garrus romance was in mass effect 2. Femshep was basically sexually harassing him 😂

CidGuerreiro1234 - 10 months ago

Think of one thing this series didn't need in the slightest.

Lucas Olivieri - 10 months ago

Fire arrows huh? That's.. accurate

LeNimph - 10 months ago

The romances they showed at e3 seemed to flow into the story and they did show that you could say the wrong things to those characters. I think these two guys focused too much on a side girl and made themselves look like creeps.

m 9 - 10 months ago

Honestly I’m excited for this game and so far I love everything about (combat, historical figures, ancient Greece, Leonidas, Atlantis..etc) except for this shitty romance thing, it’s so badly scripted & is so forced.

Angellz kid - 10 months ago

Do you have to romance them to get them as lieutenants?

Youtube Assassin - 10 months ago

Assassin’s creep odyssey

Ian Dantzler - 10 months ago

If u don't like origins your a racist lmao

Shadow fox - 10 months ago

Assassin's Creed died with Desmond Miles!!

michael butler - 10 months ago

This game looks the same as the last ac game like everything looks and feel the same

The Nezk - 10 months ago

Assassins Creep Super Mario Odyssey :/

Reid Wallace - 10 months ago

The romance options were ancient greek AF… What else did people have to do but fight and bone before tv and the internet, with no Christianity telling them its bad.

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