Assassin's Creed Origins Vs Odyssey - Which Is Better? | Versus

Assassin’s Creed Origins Vs Odyssey – Which Is Better? | Versus

Assassin’s Creed Origins Vs Odyssey – Which Is Better? | Versus

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is out now and follows in the footsteps of Origins with a more open-RPG take on Assassin’s Creed. But which game is better? Find out in this week’s episode of Versus!

GameSpot - 9 months ago

So which is it, Origins or Odyssey?

Greg Seitter - 6 months ago

Odyssey’s spartan kick is why it’s the better game

UntemperedLink - 6 months ago

Having played both now, i think the Odyssey is far and away the better game. For me Odyssey manages to improve upon everything that left me unsatisfied with Origins, i personally find Kassandra to be a more engaging protagonist, perhaps its because of the inclusion of dialogue options, meaning i can make her be so much more likeable than Bayek.
The combat and stealth have both been massively improved, i think due the the inclusion of abilities and trying them to the adrenaline meter.
Also the setting of Ancient Greece i find waaayyyy more interesting than that of Ancient Egypt. Both with the historical aspects and visually. The only area that Origins has been better so far is with its cities which all felt distinct. Although i haven't explored all of Greece so Odyssey could also have some amazing visually distinct cities that ive yet to find.
I'm also finding the story a hell of a lot better in Odyssey, and the Cult mechanic is so refreshing after so many AC games have just made you find one templar after the other, in Odyssey i feel like I'm actually hunting them down myself! It feels great!

Arturo Gabriel - 6 months ago

Stealth is amazing in both wtf… You can assassinate if you can play well

Andirianbobh Mcface - 6 months ago

Really I think both games are really good, both have good settings and graphics though I have had a few visual bugs in odessy, in origins after completing the main game and the dlc questlines and than most side quest there wasn't really much left to do also most side quest in origins were just, run into cave carry person out kill bandits then your finished but the ones that were different were really good and some tied into the main story very well. In odessy the game didn't really need three main quests they didn't need to have the cult one and just made it it's own thing, the Atlantis questline was probably the best part of the game though the lost tales of Greece have also been quite enjoyable. The side quests in odessy have had a lot of variety but the quests you get from message board are pieces if shit, I just avoid them. Over all I think both games are really good but I know allot of people are going to disagree

Jamie Engelhard - 6 months ago

For sure origins !!!!!

Derrick - 6 months ago

No, Ac 4

Charlie Reynolds - 6 months ago

Neither both trashy rushed money exploiters with no new improvements since 2010… Red dead and god of war spanked Asscreed all over the place

Charlie Reynolds - 6 months ago

HZD too older game but still better than both

Ben P - 6 months ago

I fucking love bayek. Hes such a good character

Dynasti Crawford - 6 months ago

I don't care what they say they both are a good game

Raven Blakk - 6 months ago

Learn how to block…

pipthegooner - 6 months ago

well my favourite AC character is Edward FOOKING Kenway

Running Bear - 6 months ago

This stupid fuck had to spoil some of the game. I hate people…

xRiptidez - 6 months ago

I much prefer Odyssey to Origins but that’s just me

Kick Start - 6 months ago

I was so board playing origins

ThatEazyRider - 6 months ago

I personally don't understand the rivalry between the games… why bother having this debate? Both games are divine and exciting in their own respectable ways. It's not worth pitching one game against its 'sibling game'. Both games were made by the same company…

Gillah Ville - 6 months ago

I will always rather Origins than Odyssey because Odyssey to me doesn't even feel like an Assassin's Creed game more like Ari brand with Assassin's Creed name. There's no hidden blade but there's a leap of faith. I thought when you're in the Animus you're playing history you can't do what you want but yet there's choices that you're given in Odyssey which is off-putting. Bottom line if the game was it named Assassin's Creed I'd probably subscribe more.

Gillah Ville - 6 months ago

I agree bayek was very serious the guy made a mistake and ended is Kid and was on a mission to seek revenge while trying to stay focused on his path so yeah pretty serious guy indeed.

Day Knight Gamer - 6 months ago

My brother gifted me origins yesterday and the world of Egypt is amazing wonderful and feels soo real

Assassin's Creed Real life pranks - 6 months ago

I finally got Ac Origins…I will get after that Ac Odyssey too, and then I will comment the difference between these 2.

cougarsr00 - 6 months ago

Stop trying to make bloat a thing! Odyssey has more gear depth and that’s not a bad thing.

sharvis welsh - 6 months ago

I just recently bought odyssey but I’m thinking maybe I should have got origins first. But I do like odyssey cause of the Roman aspect

Jordan Hernadez - 6 months ago

After getting to the max level on both games I feel like Origins did a way better job on using interactive cutscenes with the use of very prominent characters rather than Oydssey. To me the bounty system is very annoying and frustrating sometimes and is a feature that is not needed. I also personally miss the lower level enemy system in certain regions because it made me feel more powerful overall.

Ostone - 6 months ago

Ok what should i buy on ps store while it is big discount, origins or odyssey?

milordas - 6 months ago

Hope 3rd AC:Rome (if believe rummors) would join both AC:O and AC:OD.. in AC:OD im missing caravan huntings for resources – they alternative static stockpiles in forts not so much fun as moving targets. Tombs is way to easy to solve, need to bring there Tomb Raider experience…

MegaJf16 - 6 months ago

Origins is so much better it's not even a contest.

Linus - 6 months ago

Odyssey is far superior to Origins. I don’t care if it’s not traditional assassins creed. It was always too easy & sneaking around 1-shoting people gets old really fast.

Cameron Macfarlane - 6 months ago

Bayek is one of the best characters in ac history so origins every time

Umutcan - 6 months ago

I'll buy Odyssey on Monday instead of origins because its season pass offers ac3 remastered, i was going to buy origins before i learned about ac3

John Cusick - 6 months ago

Much preferred Origins setting. Has an amazing soundtrack too. I can't get unto Odyssey. I'm finding it a chore and has a boring soundtrack

madinsane - 6 months ago


Abedelrhafour KHALLOUQ - 6 months ago

Ofc origins

CaughtLackin - 6 months ago

How would japan be boring 😂😂

Jage H - 6 months ago

You know in origins, there was this mysterious ancient egypt and it was fucking beautiful. In my opinion The history of ancient egypt is way more interesting!

Loki Pie - 6 months ago

Both are great, but AC Odyssey isn't really Assassin's Creed game, it's more like RPG.

Lag Is Pun - 6 months ago

AC: Origins is my first AC game, and I must say that, its AMAZING! Well balanced upfront fight and stealth kills, and the world is so immersive that sometimes i just ride my mount and explore!

dasjugsboi - 6 months ago

Amazed at how many people here prefer Origins. I found Odyssey to be hugely superior. Better character building, RPG mechanics, choices and consequences, world, story, size, ship mechanics. The list goes on.
But each to their own, I suppose.

Vivaan Dayal - 6 months ago


Coughay - 6 months ago

Origins, I havent played Odyssey yet but from what I’ve seen Odyssey isnt the greatest. Origins remade the franchise and is just beautiful in every aspect. Odyssey also just lowkey gives off the whole Farcry 5 vibe too

ItsAmir X - 6 months ago

Origins was much better than Odyssey.

Kelly Hawkins - 6 months ago

You can tell this guy is only origins heavy because he’s a fan of the Egyptian setting

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