Best Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deal is $85 worth of freebies

This Cyber Monday, the best Nintendo Switch bundle deal will come with $85 worth of additional bonuses for free. Starting sometime near midnight, GameStop will offer select Nintendo Switch console systems with a $50 GameStop gift card and an additional bonus $35 worth of eShop currency.

The only catch is that this Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deal is still not live as of writing. But based timing from the past year, you should be able to see the deal on GameStop’s online storefront at 9 PM Pacific or just after 12 AM Eastern tonight.

Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Deals




  • Nintendo Switch (Gray Joy-Con) — $249.95  (list price $310)
  • Use coupon: CYBER20
  • Live on 11/25

If you simply can’t wait for the GameStop deal to go live, or you’re reading this well into Cyber Monday and the deal has already gone out of stock (entirely possible), a number of other Nintendo Switch bundles are available as of writing from other retailers. At MassGenie, DealGuru is selling 3 different Nintendo Switch bundled with newly released titles for an extra $10, netting you a savings of about $50.

Finally, for those that are waiting for the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle to get back in stock, if we had to take a guess – the best bet would still be GameStop, as they tend to reserve units for each individual sale date during Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season. If we spot this bundle back in stock, you can be sure we’ll update the post above accordingly.

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