Black Ops 4 Zombies' New Rush Mode On

Black Ops 4 Zombies’ New Rush Mode On “Classified” Gameplay

Black Ops 4 Zombies’ New Rush Mode On “Classified” Gameplay

Here is how you can quickly learn how to progress through Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4’s zombie maps including IX, Voyage Of Despair, Classified, and Blood Of The Dead. Captured on PS4.

Jakeus 25 - 11 months ago

Are you not allowed to aim in for this game mode?

darkjedi351 - 11 months ago

I already miss bo2 zombies. What have they done? I think I saw this game at a bowling alley

JocofAllTrades - 11 months ago

More recycled content? My god…

TheWalrus1407 - 11 months ago

No hope for zombies right now, two remake maps and two maps with characters I don't care about. What a waste, good thing blackout is good. Ps was not talking about "Game Mode" Rush (that was the only thing that looks cool)
Update , rush is fun, voyage of the dammed is a fun level i just miss and feel the old characters are better

Mast3r B33f - 11 months ago

This is obviously just another form of Zombies, it's still gonna be classic zombies, did you guys not read the title ?!? "New Zombies Rush Mode"

Lord Spade - 11 months ago

lmao the HUD looking like a fucking christmas tree

Johnnie Plaisted - 11 months ago

Five yes!

Murphy’s Law - 11 months ago

Was hoping for another transit like black ops 2 this looks 🗑

ShallowDepression - 11 months ago

So if it has no story campaign, and it's the 4th installment of the series, how does it all tie-in for it to be called Black Ops 4?

TJWrecklessFGC - 11 months ago

I’ll buy that for a dollar

Tiny Kong - 11 months ago

Please just bring back grief.

Daniel Eriksen - 11 months ago

Now this… Is interesting

Pascal Yulian - 11 months ago

What is that ui dpad on the right ?

The TigerMan - 11 months ago


robs On youtube - 11 months ago

I like the look of this

robs On youtube - 11 months ago

I wonder if there's a doa

حمود HD - 11 months ago

حلوو Iraq

Ferrari King - 11 months ago

Zombies are always hungry

FatCat147 - 11 months ago

They need to put the original voice for the power ups. This guy sounds like duke nukem

Martin Pollin - 11 months ago

Me moje

Waffle - 11 months ago

I'll just stick to the other zombie modes

Jimmy Alcimbert - 11 months ago

Im done with call of dukie

Jimmy Alcimbert - 11 months ago

I would rather play zombie army nation

Jaime Eduardo - 11 months ago

Does bo4 have split screen?

backlashlaze - 11 months ago

Who asked for a 5 remake…

Jimmy Alcimbert - 11 months ago

They took out the campaign mode just to make them fake talk to each other WTF im done with call of dukie.!..

Moogle - 11 months ago


Griefer XV - 11 months ago

They just forget the grief mode and they bring this bullshit.. omg we want competitive mode in zombies is this difficult to understand ? Not everytime survival, it's so boring at the end.

Beowulf - 11 months ago

Oldschool game machine from 90s, i love it absolutely yes!

Ninjachickenfingers - 11 months ago

This dudes left trigger is broken

dozzer1813 - 11 months ago

Seem like the same bs every game

Wil Morales - 11 months ago

Copy and paste is what I see

JohNathan Elizalde - 11 months ago

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m disappointed… it doesn’t seem like something made by Treyarch and Activision.

sacmienboi916 - 11 months ago

Awww what happen the the guy that says “ Kabooom” ?

TheHipsterShrimp - 11 months ago

Guy playing is so bad

Volo - 11 months ago

what happened to grief? i loved grief on cell block SO MUCH

Louis Cypher - 11 months ago

First person armed Pac Man ?

OEK beov - 11 months ago

Finally classified

Q8LIL12Q8 - 11 months ago

it looks like a fortnite version of BO zombies.

AmcSTROKE58 - 11 months ago

Wanted a mode like this since moon, that point pick up sound is horrible though

Bryan Steveson - 11 months ago

Kids origins

Men mob of the dead


Javier Navarrete - 11 months ago

That's five

Hello Can You Hear Me - 11 months ago

Looks kinda stupid, whoever runs more wins?!?!

Littlehhh - 11 months ago

Anyone have an idea how to search for a public match on classified ( five ) on PC literally cant find where to search publically

Trickie Shot - 11 months ago

They need to bing back grief, it had so much potential as a competitive community.

Spencer Cooper-Thorn - 11 months ago

you are horrific at this game mode its painfull to watch

Unknown - 11 months ago

I just wish I could choose whether I wanted to play classified or blood of the dead

Awesomewelol Ninja - 10 months ago

I’m sorry but gamespot that aim was freaking terrible

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