Blizzard Talks Overwatch 2 and the Chances of Overwatch Coming to Switch

Blizzard Talks Overwatch 2 and the Chances of Overwatch Coming to Switch

Blizzard has talked about the possibility of an Overwatch 2 or Overwatch coming to Nintendo Switch, and the news isn’t good if you want either of those games. Assistant Game Director Aaron Keller and Senior Game Producer Matthew Hawley gave all the details to Gamespot.

When asked about a potential Overwatch 2, Hawley says that the team’s “focus is really on keeping the community engaged with the 6v6 shooter that we have on the live service”. Keller adds that “at least for the time being, [supporting Overwatch] is our focus right now, and we’re excited to work on this game”.

Overwatch 2 doesn’t seem likely at the moment.

While that’s not an outright “No” (Blizzard is probably considering numerous new games at any one time), it certainly seems like supporting and growing Overwatch is all that’s on the plate at the moment.

As for Overwatch coming to the Nintendo Switch or Mobile, this also doesn’t seem like it’s on the cards: “There are challenges in running on the platforms that we’re not already on, otherwise we would probably already be on some of those other platforms,” says Hawley.

So, the takeaway here is that Overwatch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One is the focus. Don’t expect any new game announcements in the near future, be it sequels or ports. Blizzard is working with third parties on merchandise, though, including new Overwatch LEGO.

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