Breath Of The Wild’s Very best Benefits Are not Usually ‘Useful’

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild does not dole out rewards predictably. Frequently you will invest an afternoon figuring out some elaborate puzzle, only to stroll away with some rupees or a weapon you did not need. Other occasions the reward will be just as “useless,” but more unique than any pile of loot could be.

Breath of the Wild spoilers follow.

Early into Breath of the Wild you will meet Kass, a handsome winged Rito with an accordion. He’s on a pilgrimage around Hyrule in research of ancient techniques, undertaking tracks he’s discovered about many destinations across the map. You typically appear across him as he’s standing in a discipline or forest, and the lyrics of his tracks will place you towards a concealed shrine or treasure. He also hangs out at the stables in Hyrule, cleverly weaving a variation of Epona’s Concept from Ocarina of Time into the new music that generally performs though Breath of the Wild’s tamed horses stand close by.

Kass hails from the Rito Village in the northwest part of Hyrule, a vertiginous alpine town crafted into the side of a excellent stone pillar. At the time you’ve tamed the Divine Beast which is been terrorizing the village, a sidequest opens involving a bunch of kids and a new music recital at a area identified as “Warbler’s Nest.” You meet a minor Rito named Kheel, who informs you that she needs to take in some salmon meuniere right before she’ll go with her sisters and accomplish their recital.

You climb all around the Rito Village obtaining Kheel’s four sisters, every single of whom provides you an ingredient for the innovative dish. I’m more of a “throw five mushrooms in a pot and hoark it down” kind of Zelda chef, so it was refreshing to make anything so refined. With Kheel happy, she and her sisters head to Warbler’s Nest to sing.

You will come across them down across the way, enjoying their job in a shrine puzzle. It’s a neat a single, too—you have to listen to the notes they’re undertaking, then use a korok leaf to blow wind by means of the rings surrounding the shrine pedestal. At the time you’ve matched the sequence of notes, the Voo Lata shrine opens up.

I predicted the shrine to be a single of people “by coming into, you have previously established yourself” deals, which were being so welcome at the start of the recreation and significantly disappointing as I have gotten closer to finishing the very last a single. Instead it’s a neat gliding puzzle that commences off with a huge ladder primary to a substantial open up room loaded with lava, spikes, floating walls, and gusts of wind.

Immediately after you’ve completed the shrine, the kids head back to Rito Village. You will come across Kheel, Notts, Kotts, Cree, and Genli back in town on the flight platform, whistling along with the musical score. Composer Manaka Kataoka’s lush interpretation of Wind Waker’s Dragon Roost Island theme is a single of my beloved pieces of new music in the recreation, and it’s someway fantastic to hear the kids’ warbling whistles joining in. The 1st time I found them in this article, I thought that was the conclusion of the story. Of class, it was not.

Examine sufficient of Hyrule and you will in all probability come across Kass’ journal, which he keeps in a little shelter atop Washa’s Bluff. He describes every single of the destinations you can come across him in the planet, which is helpful in monitoring down all of his tracks and resolving their riddles. There is a single where by you have to seize a precise animal in the fields north of Kakariko Village, and a further where by you have to shoot arrows by means of circular rocks west of Hyrule Subject. Clear up them all, and Kass will return property to Rito Village… and his five musically inclined daughters.

I remembered Kass mentioning lacking his loved ones at a single place when I spoke with him, but I did not make the relationship. When you return to the Rito Village following seeing the recital at Warbler’s Nest and resolving all of Kass’ tune puzzles, you will come across him back property on the flight platform, accompanying his daughters. You can observe that in this article:

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Kass asks Backlink to appear pay a visit to him at evening, following his daughters have gone to bed. Immediately after hours, he tells Backlink that he is familiar with who he is, and that his trainer was the courtroom poet at Hyrule castle, working for Zelda herself. He reveals that his trainer liked Zelda, but she could by no means love him back because she had fallen for Backlink. Kass thinks it was the strength of her love that at last unlocked her abilities all people a long time ago, allowing for her to seal Calamity Ganon in Hyrule Castle.

It’s essentially a important piece of details. Zelda’s emotions for Backlink are ambiguous through the recreation. Being aware of she liked him is not crucial to comprehension the story, but it’s a nice detail. Kass then performs a single very last tune for you, a tune that at very long very last builds into the typical Zelda theme. As with the other occasions Koji Kondo’s beloved melody sneaks its way into Breath of the Wild, it seems like an echo of a further time. It’s a dropped heroic anthem for a dropped hero.

The comprehensive story of Kass and his daughters took me several hours to entire. I did so organically, and only towards the conclusion had I read that anything neat would occur if I completed every little thing. The reward for all my difficult get the job done and puzzle resolving encapsulated a single of Breath of the Wild’s more beguiling tendencies when it will come to satisfying the player.

Once in a while I’ll entire a puzzle or side mission and will get anything useful—a new sword or protect, or a nice piece of armor. Much more usually the rewards are less realistic. My reward may possibly basically be to see or hear anything that would make the planet around me a little bit richer: some story, some puzzles, and in the conclusion, a tune.

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