Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies: Blood of the Dead Official Cinematic Gameplay Trailer

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies: Blood of the Dead Official Cinematic Gameplay Trailer

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies: Blood of the Dead Official Cinematic Gameplay Trailer

This is ‘Blood of the Dead’ in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4, a reimagined return of a fan-favorite, complete with surprises hidden within the iconic penitentiary.

The undead await in Alcatraz.


Bruce HC - 10 months ago

No one escapes alive

Leonidas I - 10 months ago

Two years from now I'm going to miss this game. Better enjoy it while I can.

Mini Experimetadores - 10 months ago

Nunca nadie ha podido pasarse el mapa de Blood of the desde si no pudieron los 4 personajes principales no pudieron ni los 4 presos

Robert Ogden - 10 months ago


ONELaStGAMER GOAL - 10 months ago

No he died😢

ONELaStGAMER GOAL - 10 months ago

They died

joshua Anzualda - 10 months ago

jesus christ what the hell happend

Maverick Grim - 10 months ago

Bro I got chills

pilot ghost - 10 months ago

jesus this is kinda emotional, it actually made me fell somethin…

Jonah Goderich - 10 months ago

Dude that was sick

Jay Gal - 10 months ago

Nikolai looks like crap.. Pretty much the hole crew as well

Funtime bendy 666 - 10 months ago


Funtime bendy 666 - 10 months ago

I like it

Funtime bendy 666 - 10 months ago

1 like=1 died zombie ☺☺☺

The_ Wanderer - 10 months ago


Jyaer West - 10 months ago


David Sandoval - 10 months ago

3.27 is the moment of how i feel when i get bullied and wish i could do to the people that bully me

IBSD Gaming - 10 months ago

I specifically came back to this trailer just to down vote it now because the Blood of the Dead map IS NOT a Mob of the Dead remake. One of the most misleading advertisements I've ever seen.

TheMagicalMusket - 10 months ago

More chilling than the original

MarioBomb74 - 10 months ago

Come on are they just gonna kill them all like that

Music Dude - 10 months ago

Holy shit

jesterftw1992 - 10 months ago

Lol the pistols are so ridicoulusly big.

Justin m8 - 10 months ago

Okay when does this map take place? Ppl said between Zetsabou and Gorod but that doesn’t make sense because if they’re in purgatory that means that have to break the cycle by killing 3 of them and 1 surviving. Also I’m guessing this map takes place right after Weasel broke the cycle by killing the other cell mates and survives


Yes There at alcatraz

ZomcreepGaming - 10 months ago

This song speaks to me in a way that I must describe, ever since I heard another person describe it similarly.
The music is practically just a reflection of life, and a question with no answer. Where do we go after we're dead? Is there just nothing at the end, and we are believing the lies of society? Do we forget everything we had ever heard from anyone or anything, and lose all past experience in everything, maybe such as being reincarnated, and having to start all over again under different circumstances? Life is a twisted fall if you make it one…

DEMON XXX145XXX - 10 months ago

My tears aren't enough

Jonathan Moua - 10 months ago

If zombies never were a thing, these 4 would still be killing each other in WWII

Wolfisticx - 10 months ago

I’m not going to lie my favorite part of this trailer had to be when takeo beats the shit out of the warden.

EvilCODrays - 10 months ago

Is thi the end of are characters find out next call of duty XD

EvilCODrays - 10 months ago

Is this the end of are characters find out next call of duty XD

Mephileshomer - 10 months ago

I think…this is the end for them 😢

Trim Pim - 10 months ago

Honestly, I cannot believe how far zombies has came when it used to be just another mode after completing the campaign

CallofCamie - 10 months ago

This can’t be the end my friends

Gta5 Gamer - 10 months ago

Does this make anyone else sad

Lil Asian - 10 months ago

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Lil Asian - 10 months ago

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Titan Smash Games - 10 months ago

I'm still wandering where are the mobsters

Reyfrox - 10 months ago

wa me doio ver morir a los primis mas encima la musica de fondo like para los que les halla pasado igual

Sammy - 10 months ago

Anyone else have no idea what tf is happening in this story?

DaRealSkeleton - 10 months ago

So in case anyone is wondering what's happening. In this cycle the Weasel kills the mobsters which breaks the cycle and since primis went to Alcatraz they can't escape since the blood from the mobsters are gone. So the cycle is broken and they cant fix it until they free the Souls and kill Richtofen and defeat Dr. Monty.

Adolfo Gutierrez - 10 months ago

Bro now it make sense when richtofen sees the sign "No way out" cause he know he has to die and he can't escaped it.

Spectral Arrow - 10 months ago

they protecc
they survive
they bacc

Eron Tolo - 10 months ago

Damn Alcatraz really changed after the original prisoners escaped

Jonathan Knudsen - 10 months ago

This is the same map from black ops 2 I’m confused. Why is this hype exactly?

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