Cerulean City Gym Guide (Misty’s Gym)

Cerulean City Gym Guide (Misty's Gym)

Pokemon Let’s Go is similar to the oldest Pokemon games on the Nintendo Game Boy back then, in terms of story and gameplay.

Likewise, you will have to battle Misty as the gym owner in Cerulean City and she uses water type Pokemon.

Here’s a guide on the Cerulean City gym and how to defeat Misty to get the Cascade Badge.

pokemon let's go misty gym

This is the entrance of the gym. It’s easily identifiable.


Types of Pokemon used in the Cerulean City Gym

As you enter, the person welcoming you will request that you have a level 15 Pokemon at the very least.

Once you get a level 15 Pokemon (any type), you can then challenge this water gym for the Cascade Badge. It’s better to have Pokemon around level 20 to make it easy.

pokemon let's go cerulean city gym guide

There will be three trainers to defeat before getting to Misty. They will jump into the water as you get closer.

pokemon let's go cerulean city gym

Each of them will only use one Pokemon, all water types. One of them will use a level 16 Shellder. You can use any grass or electric type attacks against this water Pokemon.

pokemon let's go misty's pokemon guide

You will also face a Goldeen and a Seel from the other two trainers.

They are all level 16 and are easily defeated if you have a grass or electric type Pokemon. Personally, I used Ivysaur and vine whips to clear them in one go.

pokemon let's go misty gym guide

pokemon let's go cerulean city misty gym


How to defeat Misty’s gym in Pokemon Let’s Go

After you’re done with all of the three trainers, you then face Misty.

pokemon let's go cerulean city walkthrough

pokemon let's go cerulean city gym walkthrough

She will have two Pokemon at her disposal.

The first Pokemon is Psyduck who is both water and psychic. It’s also level 18.

pokemon let's go effective pokemon against misty's gym

It’s not too much of a challenge and my Ivysaur proved more than sufficient.

Misty will then summon her last Pokemon, i.e. Starmie. It is level 19.

pokemon let's go what pokemon does misty use

Starmie is definitely tougher but still pretty easy to beat. Just use an effective element to win the match.

By the way, you can learn water, fire and electric skills on your main Pokemon (Eevee or Pikachu) if you talk to a man in the Pokemon Center of Cerulean City.

It’s really useful for this particular gym to learn an electric-type skill.

what is good against misty gym cerulean city

And that’s it. You will earn 3,040 yen for winning and gain a TM29 Scald skill from Misty.

pokemon let's go cerulean city misty walkthrough and guide

You will also be awarded with your second badge, i.e. the Cascade Badge.

pokemon let's go misty's pokemon

Hopefully this guide has been useful for you.


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