Champion Spotlight : Zaferino Barros Elite Gamer

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing a very talented gamer and great role model by the name of Zaferino Barros. He has always shown me the power of never giving up on something you believe in, even though the world can be harsh and your family can turn on you and doubt your ability, he has always stood tall. Through this Q&A you can sense his will to achieve, here are words from Zaf.

What have you been doing for the past couple of years?

I’ve been competing professionally in a video game called “Street Fighter 4”. I first picked it up because of a suggestion from a friend back in August of 2010, leading up to my Senior year of High School. I then pursued it competitively in April of 2012, traveling out of state for the game for my first time. As of Late October 2015, I’ve since traveled roughly around 50,000 miles around the world because of it, meeting the most colorful, passionate people ever.

What are your biggest failures and gains?12118709_1069857029692549_6529769439866789470_n

My biggest failures always seem to be the most recent. Mainly because the adjustments in between them seem like enough to get me in a position to be considered the best in the world, but then I’m left disappointed and even more determined. My greatest gain will most likely come after solidifying my dominance in the competitive world of SF (Street Fighter), but if I were to pick one now it would be discovering who I am as a result of playing this game.

If you had any advice to give fellow competitive gamers what would it be?1014478_769666469711608_860076989_n

My advice to competitive gamers is to stay on the elevator. Your naysayers are only right when you willingly step off. The universe aspires to help the most tenacious, sometimes it just takes longer for some than others.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I’d love to see myself still competing and dominating at my craft, but also as a motivational speaker for my community. (both my city and gamers around the world)11713829_510404985781855_5890677834086463260_o

Follow me on twitter @Zaferino1. I also stream occasionally on twitch under
My Email is [email protected], Shoutouts to my good high school friend Jonathan Remy for the opportunity to shed some light on an aspect of my life many people close to me aren’t aware of.

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