Confronting Ganon With One Life - Zelda Breath Of The Wild | GraveHoppers Ep. 11

Confronting Ganon With One Life – Zelda Breath Of The Wild | GraveHoppers Ep. 11

Confronting Ganon With One Life – Zelda Breath Of The Wild | GraveHoppers Ep. 11

Rob has gathered all of the materials he needs to confront Ganon with permadeath rules. Let’s get kooky.

Nery Marin - 9 months ago


Quidz - 9 months ago

Totally forgot this game existed

boy gaming - 9 months ago


boy gaming - 9 months ago

Please shout out

Bdubez - 9 months ago

How do I grow subs? Do I need to water them?

boy gaming - 9 months ago

My YouTube channel is my name

Gabriel Ogle - 9 months ago

hi guys

FreakinSweet1987 - 9 months ago

You don't have lives in Zelda…

ditalos - 9 months ago


Wolf Snow - 9 months ago

What do a Bungee cord and a hooker have in common?
they're both quick fast and if the rubber breaks your pretty much screwed

boy gaming - 9 months ago


CommanderJaneShepard - 9 months ago

nice try rob but thunderbright was way too hard. And u have the longest record survival in grapehoppers

nothing to do here - 9 months ago

the game stops spawning fairies when you have 3-4 in your inventory, you can do that trick to get more fairies, but you can’t keep trying at the same fountain again and again…

Krime - 9 months ago

This was fun, I just hope Mike is ok he suffered a lot from Robs screaming, I mean Robs battlecry

Singularity Bound - 9 months ago

ummm… not a thing, but ok. And if it was.. easiest fight in the world..

Scooby Jon - 9 months ago

Unlucky Rob, valiant effort, i completely forgot you had to fight these at this point if not done inside the beasts.

Flamur Alaj - 9 months ago

Ya did good, Rob. Ya did good.

Beto Castro - 9 months ago

the new Spiderman would be cool to play

megasp - 9 months ago

The dragon shoots electric balls, they looked like items, but weren't.

Sajan87 - 9 months ago

Rob good effort! I want to buy you a beer after watching this. Lol

Beta Haze - 9 months ago

breath of the wild is easy as shit! it was harder gettin to him than actually fighting Ganon

Joseph Motley - 9 months ago

I’m just really loving this series. I find myself looking foreword to this every week.

NothrAnimeAddict - 9 months ago

So, damn, close

Undefined Variable - 9 months ago

Hey guys, just a heads up, I'm getting mid-roll ads every 5 minutes. I don't mind overlay ads, I don't mind ads in the beginning and end of the video, and I don't mind display ads, hell I'm typically not even bothered by a few mid-roll ads dispersed throughout the length of long video like this one, as long as they are dispersed conservatively and within reason.
But mid-roll ads every 5 minutes feels invasive and impacts the viewing experience negatively.
The content is great. But even great content can be ruined by too many intrusive ads.

Kevin Thornton - 9 months ago

Love you guys, love the show. For suggestions i think stealth games would be great because of the tension. Im currently playing through Dishonored 2 on the hardest difficulty settings. Think that would be great for this show.

Heather H - 9 months ago

Somehow I think Mike enjoyed this episode a lot 🤔😁

David Pickavance - 9 months ago

Great effort, Rob! Once one boss became five, you were really up against it.

Hector Meneses - 9 months ago

Whoa. Now that Zelda is done I'm kind of bummed. Good run, Rob.

Caleb Olds - 9 months ago

How bout dead space or desd space 2?

Tag Prawn - 9 months ago

Rob looked propper distraught at the end of that! A valiant effort sir!

pushstartplusselect - 9 months ago

We were so close to witnessing ButtStall's defining moment of glory helping you defeat Dark Beast Ganon! Lol, great job though and awesome series. Thanks for the entertainment guys!

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