Consume This Curry Rice, Gain $900

You hungry? Like seriously, seriously hungry? Properly, have I obtained a food for you.

As pointed out on Ishikawa Tv, curry restaurant Gold Curry has a distinctive “challenge menu.” (Take note: Japanese curry is distinct from Southeast Asian curry. Internet site Ishikawa Jet has a fantastic explainer, and Kotaku’s personal Chris Kohler has fantastic curry-making strategies.)

This story was initially released on January 10, 2014. It has considering the fact that been current.

Even in the environment of tremendous-sized Japanese foodstuff, this menu is relatively unconventional. And by “unusual,” I imply bonkers.

For illustration, if you purchase the 2-kilogram “challenge” curry rice (priced at 1,980 yen or US$18) and try to eat it in fifteen minutes, it’s free. Then, there is the 4-kilo curry rice problem, which is 3,480 yen ($31). End it in 30 minutes, and it’s free.

Sound easy? This gentleman is striving the 4-kilogram problem (photos courtesy of internet site Woodball).

Glance how joyful he is!

Do not give up!

Oh expensive.

Here’s the place matters get fascinating. If you end the six-kilogram curry rice problem in 30 minutes, your 4,980 yen ($45) food isn’t only free, but the restaurant will fork out you 30,000 yen ($270) in prize funds.


End the 8 kilogram curry rice problem in 45 minutes, and get your 6,480 yen ($58) food compensated for and get awarded the fifty,000 yen ($450) prize purse.

The previous problem on the menu is the 10-kilogram curry rice problem. It is priced at 8,000 yen ($seventy two), and you have an hour to end the food. Do so, and it’s free. What is a lot more, Gold Curry will also award you one hundred,000 yen—or $900.


Continue to keep in head, you are primarily taking in rice. So, if you purchase the ten kilo curry rice, which is ten kilograms (22 lbs .!) of white rice that you have to try to eat in an hour. My relatives of 5 goes by a ten-kilo bag of rice in about 3 months. If that still does not help set matters into context, here’s a photo:


With curry, sliced cabbage, and pork cutlets.

How it compares to a normal-sized purchase of curry rice.


If you still never fully grasp how significant this purchase is, here’s a dude holding it up.


Previous spring, at Gold Curry’s branch in Bangkok, a courageous foodstuff fighter purchased the ten-kilo curry.

Naturally, you ought to end the food by oneself. And it’s timed!

So a lot rice.

This guy is making fantastic headway, while.

The courageous challenger created it about midway by, taking in around six kilograms of rice in an hour. A defeat, guaranteed, but a valiant exertion.

What about you? You up for a problem?


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