Devil May Cry 5 Devs Discuss The Older Dante, Balancing For Fun, And Microtransactions

Devil May Cry 5 Devs Discuss The Older Dante, Balancing For Fun, And Microtransactions

Devil May Cry 5 Devs Discuss The Older Dante, Balancing For Fun, And Microtransactions

At Tokyo Game Show 2018 we spoke to DMC5 director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Matt Walker about the combining the old with the new in the upcoming PS4, Xbox One, and PC action game.

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GameSpot - 7 months ago

Do you think Devil May Cry 5 could be your next favorite DMC game?

Deandy Kanzet - 7 months ago

I'm hoping that Dante will got a new firearm like "assault rifle"

Bob Clinton - 7 months ago

But can you guard fly like in dmc 4?

Envy Smith - 7 months ago

Take a shot every time they say "brute force"

TheOriginal GGHarasser - 7 months ago

Afraid if I get the game I want to play it as intended.

Leedwan - 7 months ago

Although I get all the fear surrounding the Micro transactions, it is all to apparent. I actually quite welcome it. AS LONG as they are implementing it as stated in this video.

My schedule changed a lot since DMC1 and forth where I cannot spend endless hours grinding everything. I will still be playing it regular, but I've got people around me who won't be able to spend too much time with it on a weekly basis, but would still enjoy the hell out of it. They've got some extra cash to spare, give these people their desired game play from the get go, without completing the story, which in their case could take weeks.

In addition, games have become very expensive to make, yet their price remains relatively stable. What's wrong with providing some extra money to the company for the game that you love. And what's wrong for a company to want some extra cash from dedicated fans. As long as the game isn't reliant on the micro transactions and optional, there shouldn't be a problem. Instead of complaining mindlessly, can't we just wait to see it's final implementation and applaud if it set a new benchmark for non-mobile games on how micro transactions can be utilized effectively?

And even if they do mess up, let them know. But at the same time provide the same opportunity to every new game to have a chance at getting the micro transactions right. We're not all high-schoolers, and some of us do have some extra cash to spend.

GlidingFalcon - 7 months ago

i dont like Dante and Neros new looks

Sin Nightfall - 7 months ago

want people to brute force and save times just sell cheats instead of orbs.

Okkako1 - 7 months ago

DMC5 P2W single player games.

Chee Rpgg - 7 months ago

I don’t think anybody is that bad that they shouldn’t be able to rack up more than enough red orbs to get everything

McreeO'Clock - 7 months ago

Time to boycott Popeyes! If you get a chicken meal for $6.99 that comes with a side biscuit and a drink, I shouldn't have the option to add another side for $1! Fuck Popeyes's micro transactions!!!

death reaper - 7 months ago

Of course air hike will cost the most

Valentin Harbinger - 7 months ago

The monster design is bad.

Rusty Shackleford - 7 months ago

Fun is my favorite F word

Mistah Morningstar - 7 months ago

I feel from the phrasing he's basically trying not to say "Capcom said put microtransactions in told us to say it like this" since it seems he's only justifying it to please them

Illio Sage - 7 months ago

clickbaited.. -.-

theswarmstorm - 7 months ago

Wanna have fun while watching this? Read shtoil instead of style each time they say it

Macio Chambers - 7 months ago

They claim they're using microtransactions to give players options why are you charging for options instead of doing this why don't you just use bloody Palace to make it easy to farm and learn at the same time I'll give them credit though at least they somewhat told the truth they want to trick new players of Devil May Cry we just want all the flashy moves into buying them

DaFireman33 - 7 months ago

Buying red orbz?! Hahaha the ood dmc fanz will ignore such a gimmick…we leav the purchasing to the casualz..

DallyLama - 7 months ago

Microtransaction in a single player game XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. What's the point of that? No one will care how bad you are at the start of the game you dont need to pay 200$ to get every ability and then not even know how to do basic A B C combos. I would say it's like learning how to run before you even know how to walk, but this is more like wanting to learn how to fly when you cant even crawl

Eric Tan - 7 months ago

Just want to milk you all dry. Simple as that

Juggernaut - 7 months ago

Dante looks really cool in the thumbnail, but in the game he looks a little bit tired and drowsy, but holy shit I’m way to excited for this game

Andy Vampified - 7 months ago

Why does Dante look like myles Kennedy? Better yet why does myles Kennedy look like Kevin bacon?

MnQ - 7 months ago

FYI you will be locked out of the platinum trophy if you purchase any microtransactions

Jordan .Lacroix - 7 months ago

The people defending the micro-transactions are the problem in this industry. The argument that you don't have to buy any and play the game normally is null once you think for a second, about why they are in the game. They're there, because they want you to buy them, they designed the game in a way that would influence the player into to purchasing more red orbs, and we know that is true, because they simply would not be there otherwise. If they were really content with good game design, and confident that players would want to play the game because its fun, then they wouldn't have added an "option" to play less for more reward.
Its terrible game design plain and simple, it makes the developer look weak and unsure if their game is good or not, and it makes it really easy for me to decide which games not to buy.
Sorry, but you're fucking your game that people are already paying full price for, because you just need to squeeze every last bit out of players through purposeful, lesser design. Its always disguised as "player choice" by publishers that want to nickel and dime us, but do we have the choice in buying a version of the game that isn't gimped to sell us red-orbs? No. So fuck off, I was so excited for this and this is going to turn out just as bad as every other game that throws in Micro-transactions.
This was Capcom's chance to bring themselves out of the game design gutter, back to prominent status in the gaming community.

Enrique Ruiz - 7 months ago

This looks so fucking good

blue6sub6remnant6 - 7 months ago

"So the player can ask themself if they want to play for another thirty minutes, or do they want to buy Air Hike?"

Shouldn't the game be designed such that the player wants to play the game in first place? This is concerning wording, but hopefully only that.

Cesar Gonzalez - 7 months ago

I can't believe this is real <3

Enders Gone - 7 months ago

Wish he actually looked like your thumbnail~ not a fan of these dramatic facial changes. Bleh, I'd rather not have mocap and the characters actually looked like themselves

Krazykid636 - 7 months ago

Why can’t developers be like him. Straight forward. He even explains the reasoning behind micro transactions 😌👌🏽.

bursky09 - 7 months ago

Capcoms past mircotransactions are pretty ignorable, Dragons Dogma, RE7 and DMC4 SE all had the same form of microtransaction.

Mikel Ramirez - 7 months ago

You may be wondering "If they didn't design the game around MTX's and aren't even endorsing them, then why even put them in place?" Cause dumbasses will still buy them.

CrazyDude269 - 7 months ago

The microtransaction stuff is pure BS. You pay for the hole game.. why pay more to get the moves or powerups you ALREADY paid for?

Devin Beverly - 7 months ago


hikingbird42 - 7 months ago

Shouldn`t Lady be as old as Dante? Might as well just throw dante in a casket with how hard they are marketing him as old.

NinGangsta - 7 months ago

Motorcycle swords are totally a knockoff of the Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords

Noriko Stars - 7 months ago

kay….So the microtransactions are kind of pointless. If there was an online mode with the intention of a competitive scene, the microtransactions would actually have purpose. A real gamer would never spend money to beat a single player game quicker…..Right?

Kiltenth - 7 months ago

We want Vergil as a playable character, at least in bloody palace. Please! (And don't make him like "Oi, You have to pay X amount to unlock him")

Keidien -XRD- - 7 months ago


Terminal Sarcasm - 7 months ago

I heard the game is gonna have 30 missions, 10 for each character. I'm really hoping they bring it up to like 60 because i want more Dante missions, less Nero missions and no V missions.

Fadli GSP - 7 months ago

I don't want Dante died in this Devil May Cry's story.

Tobbit - 7 months ago

I remember cheat codes weren't directly bought back then. They were indirectly bought from game magazines and k-zone. :p

bokagoofy - 7 months ago

I'd love to fight the Demons the new Devil Arms are based on, like in DMC3, you now?

youthnando91 - 7 months ago

is turbo mode available?

Michel Roque - 7 months ago

Enough with the micro transaction explanations.. WE all know its all about the money, you could care less about the player.

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