Dota 2 Event Retains Rage-Quit Levels of competition For Admirers

The Dota 2 community owns its memes. Gamers have very long histories in just the scenes, and couple are as infamous as Clement “Puppey” Ivanov, whose rage was honored in a level of competition all through past night’s Manila Masters matches.

Dubbed the Struggle Of The Rages, a few admirers were being invited on-stage to present off their greatest rage-quits, encouraged by the match that has encouraged many a rage-give up. Two commentators, host SirActionSlacks and commentator LD, were being joined by Puppey himself to come to a decision the winner.

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Captain of Group Key, Puppey is regarded as just one of the greatest drafters in Dota 2, but also as just one of its most infamous ragers. In a lengthy weblog publish past year, previous teammate Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao comprehensive his experience with the crew, including a video of Puppey throwing his headset at a check all through apply.

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Proudly owning the joke now, the Manila Masters provided a few spectators the likelihood to appease Puppey himself with their rage, and they did not disappoint. One particular enthusiast, all through the job interview portion, just reported “I enjoy Legion jungle,” a phrase that would set off just about anybody who has played a match with a Legion Commander in the jungle.

The before long-to-be winner Henry went 1st, and upended the folding card table and smashed up his check. The host even stopped him on his way down the steps with a chair, with a glint in his eyes that would make Bobby Knight blush.

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Even though Henry would earn, the genuine winner of the night was a enthusiast who named himself Puppey Junior. Putting on a Group Key shirt, he place a headset by means of his check tricky enough to send out it flying off the stage.

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Frankly, Puppey Jr. was robbed. You can capture the level of competition in its entirety on YouTube, and tune in later on tonight for the penultimate working day of the Manila Masters, wherever additional segments designed entirely on communal Dota in-jokes are confident to take place.

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