Dtoid’s running server maintenance from now through midnight, Eastern time

Dtoid's running server maintenance from now through midnight, Eastern time

Everybody in the pool

Update: We’re rebooting servers starting now, and adding more pylons again at 12:00 AM Eastern, which is about 3 hours from the time I’m writing this with tears in my eyes and onions on my cutting board. 

We don’t anticipate an extended downtime, but computers have terrible manners and you just never know with these things. If we do it right, you won’t notice us gone for long. If we do it wrong we’ll just move the site to r/oddlysatisfying where it belongs. The header photo is from this Australian satire on gun violence, which our previewer ironically found too fun. 

I don’t have much else to say about the planned maintenance, so let’s talk you into trying some Japanese soul cooking this weekend. This recipe is the bomb. You’ve probably already tried katsu, but western Japan is more suburban and thus eats less healthy. If that one recipe’s too fru-fru, look into Nagoyan or Okinawan food in particular. (They like to make fun of how little Tokyo people eat) BTW, I’ve been living in Japan for about five years now on and off, ask me anything. I bought a place near Kyoto and I’m never coming back.

By the way, how are you? Family’s doing alright? Are you pooping regularly? 

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