Elite Dangerous Player Draws Game’s Logo In-game by Flying Around for a Month

Elite Dangerous Player Draws Game's Logo In-game by Flying Around for a Month

Some day, humans will master light year space travel. And when that day comes, our species will truly be unshackled and allowed to roam free, exploring everything this boundless universe has to offer us. Or maybe we’ll just goof around and “draw” stuff on the cosmos, same as one Elite Dangerous player who made their mark on the Milky Way.

“Malibu,” an Elite Dangerous fan with a gift for drawing (plus some measure of free time and an iron intention to spend it in the best possible way), spent 375,000 in-game light years (and about a month in terrestrial time) drawing the Elite logo on the majestic spiral of our home galaxy. What a beautiful thing to do. I can only hope I’m reborn into a time when people are capable of drawing the Elite griffin across the vastness of space with the ease of a teenager tagging a water tower (Free trivia: The Elite logo is indeed a griffin).

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Malibu posted a timelapse of their work and shared the bookmarks they used to plan the expedition in case you want to perform a little sky-writing for yourself.

Elite Dangerous is an epic space MMO for PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It’s the latest entry in a long-running series, and its community is closely-knit; earlier this year it banded together to salvage a charity effort almost disassembled by trolls.

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