Enter, Pursued By A Memory (Walkthrough)

Enter, Pursued By A Memory is one of the earliest missions in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Your task is to follow Javier and find for John Marston who went missing.

Here’s a walkthrough of Enter, Pursued By A Memory in RDR2.



During the cutscene, Abigail will ask for your help to look for John. Hosea will then ask Javier to follow you to find John.


Follow Javier

Grab your horse and follow Javier.


He will be the one looking for tracks. Just hold “X” to maintain your speed with him. As the journey is long, you can just use the cinematic view.


Also, it’s an early mission which means the game pretty much teaches you what your stamina, health and other cores are about.

After riding for awhile, you will then find a dead horse high up the mountain.



Go on foot

As the path is too steep, Javier suggests to leave the horses behind. Call out for John as you look for him.


Just follow Javier around the mountain and you’ll finally stumble upon John. If you had played Red Dead Redemption, you would definitely recognize John Marston who is the protagonist in the first game.


Apparently he’s badly injured here and you have to bring him back.

Javier will carry John on his back.


Kill the wolves

As you’re approaching the horses, you will notice a pack of wolves coming towards you guys.


Javier will bring John away as you need to kill the wolves. There are three here. You can’t use dead-eye yet.



Follow Javier

Grab your horse and continue following Javier.

You will encounter a couple of wolves on the way back to camp as well. Kill all of them.



After you’re done with the wolves, ride back to camp and the mission ends here.



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