Exclusive GTA 5 PC Mods Adds Familiar Vehicles,4k Textures and More

The Exclusive GTA 5 PC Mods Adds Familiar Vehicles,4k Textures and More also include developments to sound and visuals, along with deeper gameplay changes like weapon destruction improved relationship dynamics, vehicle handling, and much more.

The entire set of changes are available below.


The most naturalistic and very best Reshade & Enb settings contained to give an ideal color balance and bring new life to the game.
Completely redone every in removing chromatic aberration game weather, sound, vignetting, and other postfx enhanced light, clouds, colour control, decreased fog to much more and realistic quantities. Significant overhaul! Do not consistently use a trainer, you will be surprised.)
Photo pools,and realistic rain.
Added Volumetric Lighting to any or all weathers during nighttime.
Removed flashing from pick-up items (weapons cash wallets etc.)
Empowered shadows from weapon, explosion as well as other smoke/particle effects within close area of player (uses the same space as the typical shadow box)
Enhanced/ wind that was more powerful effects.
Emended particle effects to enable more collision, in addition to made more things breakable (more coming in future upgrades).
Better grass and plant settings that are general.
Better weather setting, fog management, and lighting.
Thunderstorm weather waves and water effects enhanced.
Rose farclip.
More lasting footprints, tire water that is better, soil, and burnout smoke effects.
4 enhanced Bokeh Depth of Field Effects and k.
Enhanced police lights and vehicle lights, coronas, flare, spotlights.

Feel Overhaul

TA 5

TA 5 PC Mods Adds Familiar Vehicles,4k Textures

The feel overhaul is a huge undertaking alone, as progress is created plus it’s going to be receiving regular updates. These feels will not be only merely upscaled. They may be completely brand new feels being introduced to the game.
4k Clouds
4k Water
4k Moon and Stars
4k Grass and Plants
4k Blood
4k Coronas

GTA 5 Relationships

In game relationships are edited involving gangs, the authorities, creatures, as well as the player. This creates an infinitely more dynamic surroundings, enabling the player to savor their meetings with creatures to a higher degree, and seeing cops and gangs battle it out to the roads! Without them running away, you may also stand nearer to pedestrians to get an extended time!

GTA V Population, Guns and More:

All inhabitants amounts are raised day of the week, time, and by particular place. This provides realistic city rush hours, as well as a feeling that is much more living to the town of Los Santos. All dlc vehicles spawn in a number of other pedestrians, along with traffic naturally, both scenario and surrounding are present on the roads!
New as well as new tasks faces!
The original weapons in game all have already been incredibly altered. Every weapon has tracer fx, bullet spread, realistic recoil, muzzle flash fx, reload animation rates and much more.
Bullets go instead of being immediate success in a realistic rate.Specific substances is now able to be fired through, like thin metal, plastic, wood, along with other non metal/concrete/hard surface stuff.Bullets can now fire fences and other in game items which were formerly unbreakable apart.
Choppers fire missiles semi vehicle!Altered transformed and shifted, and grenade explosion to the rpg effect each and every explosion effect in the game.
A fresh Grand Theft Auto V PC mod offering an all-inclusive group of changes and tweaks continues to be released.Exact rag doll answers from weapon fire.Increased burn time, distribute, and enhanced visual appearance of the stuff it touches as well as all fire.Gang weapon loadouts and authorities happen to be changed to enable different weapons are carried by them and pack more of a clout!Realistic blood blood sprays, along with feels and mist.Damage and blood stickers appear from a much further distance.Passed bullet impact particles and effects. More and better managed surroundings bullet holes that are larger, along with debris.Large overhaul to melee general and fighting ped interaction, kick on , fight peds that are less, hit quicker more!


  • Every weapon sound has been completely replaced bringing the concentration to an even deeper level!

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