Fallout 76 - Official Game Intro Cinematic

Fallout 76 – Official Game Intro Cinematic

Fallout 76 – Official Game Intro Cinematic

Watch the official intro cinematic to Fallout 76. See the introduction of VaulTec’s Vault 76. Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. begins first on Xbox One, October 23, and arrives on other platforms at a later date.


GameSpot - last year

Will you be playing the B.E.T.A.?

Edgar Bucio - last year

Already preorded and everything

Guy-in-the-hoodie - last year

Welcome Home.

Link1213 - last year

Was that the main from fallout 4? Giving the speech?

Patterson Maddox - last year

It Looks like toys

Doorman8787 Zombiekiller - last year

I just got a PlayStation add before the Xbox trailer

Josie Nakamura - last year

Just fucking remaster New Vegas for fucks sake no one cares about this shit moba

Drewwy - last year

So it's just online fallout 4

Og Jrock - last year

Bethesda, bethesda never changes

Omega YT - last year

Our future begins Deathclaw comes and kills them all

Chocobo of Light - last year

This is as bad as Fallout Miami.

Preston Myers - last year

I see this game as a test and a new level of rpg for bethesda. People are shitting on it before it comes out. Whatever, they can be like that and its fine. However I would look at this as an experiment. Truthly i wanted something like this ever since i was a kid so me and my buddy can play together. If this goes well and plays well then it will evolve games for bethesda. People need to stop expecting it to be either a fallout new vegas or fallout 3 simply because it just wont. Who knows it might be alot of fun.

Sweet Poison - last year

Rdr2 in 2 weeks ma bois!!!!

Danny Majors - last year

Fuck fallout online

W.D Chaotic - last year

Yay! Now I can do what an average GTA player does in this game.

Adamski - last year

Nice now give me the elder scrolls 6 trailer now.

Silver Fiend - last year

So uh… what happened to the NCR?

Mlg Navarna - last year

Was that kelog at 2:13

Whyman1993 - last year

£80 is a lot when you then have to buy Xbox love and WiFi to play it

TumbacholaPR - last year

I almost cried

CIA - last year

Everyone’s crying like this how all the new fallout games will be it’s just a spin-off. It’s not how every new game will be

Yungdaggerdick - last year


CrimsonRyder - last year

I'll give it a shot

Thiago Di Roberto - last year

I used to be a fan, now I’m an air conditioner

King Lowe - last year

Just waiting in read dead 2

Ghosteriz - last year

Stupid xbox intro/outro ruined the show.

Sounds Dot Zip - last year

Vore… Vore never changes

- PhoenixGaming - - last year

I just realized they didn't say "war, war never changes" this really is a new game

Insert_Original_Name - last year

So I don't have an Xbox, but my mom does and she's account sharing with her friend and wants to know if the intro is character based (if you launch the game with different characters the intro appears) or account based (if you need to use a different account to see the intros)

Феликс Колесников - last year

Почему все счастливые если взорвался мир?
Интро полный отстой.

mlgxlauren robloxgamer - 11 months ago

im tryna find that trailer where its basically a female skydiver sync'ed with the Power armor Placing.

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