Fallout 76 Reveal Stream Had 2 Million Unique Viewers

Fallout 76 Isn't Fallout 5, And I'm Glad

Despite most of it being little more than watching a lifeless Vault Boy, Bethesda managed to pull in a whopping two million unique viewers, during their 24 hour livestream reveal event for Fallout 76.

Incase you missed it, Bethesda caused a bit of a storm on the internet this week with its “Please Stand By” Twitch livestream. The stream, which featured a Vault Boy toy and other bizarre events, seemed to be leading up to something Fallout related, which ended up being a live reveal of Fallout 76. The event gained a lot of viewers and plenty of speculation, and seems to have been a big hit for Bethesda.

The Verge spoke to Bethesda Studio’s Pete Hines, who reiterated: “We have had over two million unique visitors to this stream to watch, I don’t know what, nothing.”

The stream culminated in the trailer for Fallout 76, which you can see just below. It ultimately didn’t reveal much about the game however, and for now we’re left to speculate before Bethesda’s E3 2018 presentation in June.

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For everything else you need to know surrounding the reveal of Bethesda’s latest entry in the Fallout series, head over to our Fallout 76 everything we know guide, where we’ve speculated on a potential release date for the game, and more.

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