FIFA 19 Vs. PES 2019 - Which Is Right For You? | Versus

FIFA 19 Vs. PES 2019 – Which Is Right For You? | Versus

FIFA 19 Vs. PES 2019 – Which Is Right For You? | Versus

FIFA 19 Vs. PES 2019 – the annual grudge match has once again rolled around, but which one is better?

GameSpot - 11 months ago


Umar Pharouk - 10 months ago

Very nice Versus review guys, All the game are good to me. I'm enjoying playing them.

Günther Bahnhof - 10 months ago

Pes with licences, bye bye fifa

Neno Geraskov - 10 months ago


johnarka - 10 months ago

Fifa is only better in graphics and presentation. PES has more realistic gameplay. Most of the players have their own style.

b itchcock - 10 months ago

basically if you've never played either game before then buy FIFA, if you have played a football game before then buy PES.

JAbrmd - 10 months ago

Bought both this year. Now FIFA has LAFC(MLS) and UEFA champions league. So I figured I would get it. Thought it would be worth the $60. Well after playing FIFA for a while still feels arcady. Although gameplay feels a little better then FIFA 18 not as good as PES. PES graphics this year seem to actually beat FIFA. I like both, but once FIFA'S gameplay catches up to PES or PES catches up a little with liscenses no need for both. They are both good in their own way. If you are a casual footballer and like online play go with FIFA. If you are a more hard core footballer and don't care about liscenses or online that much. Definitely go with PES. Or wait until one or both goes on sale and buy both. It will keep you occupied for the season until next seasons games come out lol.

Kieran Smillie - 10 months ago

you guys don't play Fifa enough to realize its shit

Just Nobody - 10 months ago

PES 19 is all bells and whistles without clangers or peas!

HOwAbOUtToTAKeThEOoF - 10 months ago

Ι bought fifa sadly
The worst gameplay on a game i have ever faced
Plus something differend
Have you ever saw fifa in slow mo??
The animations are shit for such a "big lazy shit" company

Suyash Gupta - 10 months ago

FIFA is the same game since FIFA 16. PES is way better in terms of feel of the game unlike FIFA where a striker would overtake a defender yards ahead to score!

Shone - 10 months ago

The worst fifa ever, worst than 18

HolloVVpoint - 10 months ago

I haven't played PES so I can't comment. But FIFA is not natural and smooth at all! The players are clunky and slow to react, you can't go a game with out players randomly stumbling and falling over each other. Passing, dribbling and even finishing are all very fumbley.

Laureat Ramadani - 10 months ago

I think both games have gone too difficult to play

GamingWithChristian - 10 months ago

I anit buying nothing i trying to get bo4

technical kajan - 10 months ago

Playing football on street with friends is right for me

JakeTheAverage - 10 months ago

We all know magic soccer is better than both

Phenomenal har - 10 months ago

None cus head ball 2 is the best football game ever

jesleey dailyGAMING - 10 months ago

Do u all have brain FIFA has it all wtf is wrong with it as pes look like shit the jerseys are not Good in pes FIFA IS THE BEST

Raul Valencia - 10 months ago

I want to play pes but how do I get the official kits?

Olusola Akinjide Ogunwemimo - 10 months ago

I think PES had always got the "on the pitch" play and FIFA with the Authenticity and Licensing. I prefer PES' gameplay to FIFA but FIFA's got the presentations right all time.

PasquaPunk69 - 10 months ago

pes biggest shit ,i dont understand why i didnt start fifa 6 yrs ago,pes 0,fifa ❤❤❤

Rick Romero - 10 months ago

Fifa is same shit every year. Same hair styles same celebrations.

Kevin Kermani - 10 months ago

EA are simply better at advertising konami cant compete. i actually just watched a fifa ad leading to this video! even though Pesnis the more realistic game

Kevin Kermani - 10 months ago

and if more people buy fifa, then why improve the gameplay? they are already taking your money right? trust me if konami advertised the way konami does.

Audrius Kazlauskas - 10 months ago

ONCE again no CUSTOM TABLE to play with friends at home

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