Fighting EX Layer is heading to PC

Fighting EX Layer is heading to PC

‘2019? 2018? 4K? 4K!’

As revealed in this adorably modest teaser video, Arika is bringing Fighting EX Layer to PC.

The video is literally just a few seconds of a match, a zoom out to reveal a Steam library page with Fighting EX Layer, and some amusing closing text: “2019? 2018? 4K? 4K!” Short and sweet.

Lately, Arika has kept itself busy by adding DLC characters like Pullum Purna and Vulcano Rosso to the PlayStation 4 version. By the time the game hits PC, it should be in a pretty good place.

As Chris said in his review, “EX Layer truly is for someone who really enjoys the art of fighting without a whole lot of extra gametypes to go around. The foundation is there, it just needs to be built up further.”

Fighting EX Layer [Twitter]

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