Fortnite Patch V4.3 Goes Live, Introduces Vehicles, Mobile Voice Chat, and Blitz V2

Fortnite Patch V4.3 Goes Live, Introduces Vehicles, Mobile Voice Chat, and Blitz V2

The brand new Fortnite patch V4.3 is live now within the game, and marks the debut of a form of vehicle for the Battle Royale mode in the game, by way of the slightly odd Shopping Cart.

Over on the official Fortnite Battle Royale website, Epic detailed the brand new update V4.3, which comes into the game at a download of just over 1GB on consoles and PC alike.

Head over to our Fortnite Shopping Carts guide if you want to get to grips with the brand new vehicle for the Battle Royale mode. It allows one person to sit at the back and push the trolley along, while another potential partner in the Duos mode sits in the main bit of cart, firing off their weapons at any other players.

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Aside from the inclusion of Shopping Carts as the first usable vehicle for Fortnite, there are several notable changes to the game in patch V4.3, which we’ve listed just below:

  • Added new Mushrooms around the map.
  • Can be found in woody and swampy areas, and regenerate your shield by 5 points.
  • Jetpack fuel meter now displays correctly when switching between Jetpacks.
  • Vending Machines can no longer be destroyed by Remote Explosives.
  • Fall damage enabled for Shopping Carts.
  • Added Limited Time Mode Blitz V2.
  • The storm closes in quicker in Blitz V2, and weapon spawns are increasingly rare and powerful.
  • Streamer mode now anonymizes your name for other players.
  • The self-service Cosmetic Returns feature has been enabled.

These are all the significant changes made to Fortnite Battle Royale through patch V4.3, but you can head over to our Fortnite Week 5 Challenges guide for the latest list of tasks.

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