Gaming Themed Drinks “HP” And “MP” Released In South Korea

Not only ended up the drinks HP and MP made for those who delight in gaming, but also as a way to help minimize sugar usage.

The Korea Periods studies that the drinks, made by Kwangdong Pharmaceutical, have 120 kilocalories just about every, and the enterprise states this is 30 % lower than other carbonated drinks readily available in South Korea. HP and MP are positioning on their own as healthier choices.

As tipster Sang factors out, the enterprise has introduced in Korean cosplay collective Spiral Cats to help boost the beverages.

HP not only incorporates grape and aronia juice, but also one hundred milligrams of the amino acid taurine, which supposedly assists with factors like neurological growth and regulating mineral levels in blood. MP is a fizzy apple juice consume with one hundred milligrams of theanine, which is identified in teas and which could help with leisure.

As you can see in this picture (also by means of Sang), the drinks are appearing on South Korean keep shelves.

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