Gnog Is A New Puzzle Recreation About Up Opening Beautiful Packing containers

Introduced these days on PlayStation four and coming soon to Personal computer and iOS, Gnog is a musical journey by a collection of diorama puzzle packing containers stuffed with wondrous creatures, peculiar contraptions and gorgeous songs. Permit me demonstrate you how it operates.

Initially we’re offered a box. Some thing like this:

Turning the box around, we’re introduced with this:

That is a puzzle, or possibly just a endeavor to conduct. Rotate the deal with, ruen up the dials, move the slider, drive the buttons and the total thing opens up into this:

The diorama inside the box presents a puzzle to be solved. The crucial to solving it lies back around entrance. Turning the dials on either facet of the box opens up a panel, offering us yet another endeavor to conduct:

Finish the remaining actions and the box comes to lifetime, serenading you with a triumphant tune:

It is a really worthwhile sequence that by no means fails to set a smile on my confront. You can hear it in my voice as I engage in by three of Gnog’s puzzles in the online video below. The recreation also supports PlayStation VR, which I visualize will be thoughts-blowing the moment I get around to environment it up.

video video-315 widescreen”>

With its exceptional visible design, great soundtrack and puzzles that are difficult and ingenious but by no means unfair, developer Ko-Op Manner has designed an quick puzzle recreation basic with Gnog. Share some with your buddies these days.

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