Hardcore Grand Theft Auto 5 Mod Adds Realistic Bullet Damage

Hardcore Grand Theft Auto 5 Mod Adds Realistic Bullet Damage

If you ever played Grand Theft Auto 5 and thought, “Huh, my crime and car theft simulator doesn’t seem that realistic,” then I have a mod for you. SH42913’s GunShot Wound mod will add all kinds of realistic damages to your character so they too can die as they were meant to if caught in a gun fire. Riddled with holes and in agony.

The GunShot Wound first came out back in February, but the final version just released. There are five states of wounds and bleeding ranging from None, Light, Medium, Heavy, and Deadly.

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According to the official mod page, once a player reaches the Heavy wound states a “runk camera” initiates and players can no longer sprint. A death timer also kicks in which will kill the player if they don’t receive medical treatment in time. Light and Medium wound states won’t affect players as much, if at all.

There’s also a pretty neat hit detection system that knows which limbs are hit. That means if you get shot in the lungs to prevent your character from running, or even get heart attacks from the amount of bullets you take.

Apparently the mod’s script can even tell which weapon made the hit happen, further affecting the different ways damage affect the player. Some bullet wounds can be superficial, while others can cause nerve damage.

The mod community is part of what makes Grand Theft Auto 5 so popular with players, paving the way for the game to make more money than any film, ever. So if you’re interested in upping your GTA 5 game, well this is about as hardcore as it gets. Check out the mod over at the GTA 5 mod page.

[Thanks PCgamer]

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