Have you played the Battle Front Beta?? If not you MUST!

The Star Wars Battle Front Beta has been in open beta for the last two days and in my opinion it is absolutely amazing. Having only one game mode on release you can tell the potential this game could have. As I sat and watched my friend Sam play the game it seemed that he was having more and more fun as every second ticked by. As he flew the A wing around the map trying to take out the walkers you could feel the immersion of the terrain around you. The guns are lethal and scopes on the mark. At any moment someone could grab a hero pick up and Darth Vader appears on your screen as enemy or ally ready to assist you or terminate you in the midst of battle. There are also various power ups on the map that will give you different battle advantages.21473990080_e4ceb520f6_bMy favorite weapon to use during the beta was the cycle rifle having a bit of a drop on the shot it was very fun to use having played various FPS before. The gun movement was pretty fluent and the fast pace pay complimented it. All in All I would give this game a 9/10 and its only a demo. I can’t wait for the full release we are all hoping for something great. 2885933-star_wars_battlefront_e3_screen_1_force_push_wm

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