Heavy Is The Spear (Quest Walkthrough)

Heavy Is The Spear (Quest Walkthrough)

Heavy Is The Spear is a support quest of A Slithery Plea in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Your task is to talk to a mercenary about a spear that was apparently used to kill the Writhing Dread.

Here’s a brief walkthrough of Heavy Is The Spear in AC Odyssey.


This quest is recommended for those level 48 and above. That being said, you can complete it as a level 45 like myself if you’re wielding good equipment or if you’re playing an easy difficulty.


Find the mercenary

To begin the quest, look for the mercenary in Lesbos. His precise location is in Lover’s Bay and is shown in the map below, marked as the quest symbol.


You should see him high up a cliff, at the Mountain Temple of Poseidon.


Talk to him.


Defeat the mercenary

During the cutscene, Alexios will ask for the spear. As expected, he won’t give it up so easily and demands a proper fight.


Kill the mercenary and your job here is done. He is not an easy match at all.

After defeating him, you will get a journal item and a Gorgon Slayer which is the spear.


And that’s it for this quest.



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