Honorable Overwatch Pro Spares Seemingly Lagging Opponent

Robert “shadder2k” Mocanu is one particular of the ideal Genji players in expert Overwatch. This weekend, he proved that he was not just a great player but also a very nice dude.

shadder2k and his cohorts in Team Liquid confronted off towards EnVyUs on Watchpoint Gibraltar during this weekend’s HND Overwatch Invitational. The most amazing matter about the match is what he did not do. Following Liquid manages to push the payload to the 1st checkpoint, shadder2k climbed to the top rated amount and started to harass the enemy team. Below, he operates into Lui “Lui” Olivares’s Soldier seventy six.

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Pegging him a several situations with throwing stars, shadder2k backs off when he realizes that Lui isn’t responding. It is unclear why he is frozen. The second appears to be dropped on the announcers but chat was extra enthusiastic, portray shadder2k as a fantastic-sporting chap deciding to spare a lagging opponent.

“Nice guy shadder stopped capturing,” one particular commenter stated.

“Shadder becoming a gentleman,” yet another stated.

This display of battlefield chivalry comes shortly following a shake up in EnVyUs’ roster. Earlier that working day, Dennis “HULK” Hawelka left the team to join Laser Kittenz as head coach. Lui crammed the open up slot. EnVyUs would go on to gain the sequence towards Team Liquid 2 to 1. A convert of situations that undoubtedly happened mainly because of shadder2k’s second of mercy, butterfly outcome fashion.

It was a most honorable deed, shadder. You genuinely are Genji in heart and spirit.

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