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How To Uncover Zelda: Breath Of The Wild&#039s New DLC Items

Breath of the Wild’s first significant downloadable written content dropped very last night time and it is comprehensive of awesome objects to obtain. If you are as well crucial and active to hunt them down on your own, really do not be concerned. This guideline will help you look like the finest dressed adventurer in all of Hyrule.

When you load up the DLC, a disembodied voice will send you on a quest towards a concealed journal with several hints that will guide you on a treasure hunt to obtain the gear. If which is as well substantially work and you want a enjoyable tour of Hyrule and all the product destinations, you can examine out the movie earlier mentioned. Usually, here’s exactly where to obtain all the new loot:

Korok Mask

This is a bit difficult to obtain and I do propose searching at our movie. From the entrance to the Lost Woods, adhere to the torches until eventually you attain a pair of two torches in the center. From in this article, change still left and walk by means of this grove of trees:

Don’t be concerned about becoming off the overwhelmed path in this article. If the fog closes in, just change around rapidly and adjust your path. Eventually, you will obtain a hollowed out tree with a upper body that appears to be like like this:

Run inside and seize your new mask. It’s quite valuable and will shake on your face if any Koroks are close by, which is excellent if you want to gather all of their bullshit.

Majora’s Mask

To obtain Majora’s Mask, look a bit north of the Fantastic Plateau and around Lake Kolomo. Here, you’ll obtain the garrison ruins. The mask is tucked in a small corner:

Midna’s Helmet

To locate Midna’s Helmet, look a bit west of Hyrule Subject to obtain the Sage Temple Ruins. It’s a bit waterlogged and you might have to offer with lizalfos but if you operate around around the river depths, you’ll obtain a pile of ruins with a rusty broadsword and defend. The upper body is appropriate there:

Phantom Armor

This is the first piece of a established that will raise your attack. Head appropriate towards the center of Hyrule Subject and rush to the Sacred Ground Ruins though becoming cautious of the Guardians. If they display up, just kick their asses by deflecting their lasers with your defend. At the ruins, look for a fallen pillar and pull of the upper body you obtain for your first piece of the armor established:

Phantom Greaves

In the lessen southwest side of Hyrule Subject, you’ll obtain the Hyrule Garrison Ruins. In a collapsed household around the outskirts, you’ll obtain a defeated Guardian with a treasure upper body under it. Use magnesis to pop the upper body appropriate up and open up it for your following piece of the Phantom armor established:

Phantom Helmet

The very last piece of the Phantom established in in the Coliseum Ruins. Head appropriate by means of the front entrance and be cautious of the lynel. Convert appropriate and operate along the wall to obtain a upper body containing the helm:

Journey Medallion

This a single is quite straightforward to obtain but a bit tough to attain. Glance towards the Akkala sea at the north of the map and head to the Lomei Labyrinth. Make your way by means of to the shrine and slide down a gap into a home packed with Guardians. Blow them up and head right to the north conclude of the home to obtain the upper body with the medallion:

After you have it, it will be in your vital objects slot within your inventory. You can use it from there to location a teleport mark in the match globe that you can warp back again to at any time. Fantastic for getting back again to a tough to attain location if you just can’t obtain a shrine to warp to.

Tingle’s Shirt

If you are eager to get your Kooloo Limpah on, you can get started by heading to the Castle City Prison on the island to the west of Hyrule Castle. Be cautious of Guardians and look around for a upper body buried deep in the ground. Yank it out to seize the first established of this fabulous armor:

Tingle’s Tights

In southeast Hyrule Subject, search about the Manufactured Village Ruins until eventually you obtain a upper body underneath a broken Guardian. Open it up and you’ll obtain Tingle’s Tights, which display off your killer thighs and this sort of:

Tingle’s Hood

The final piece of DLC gear in southwest Hyrule Subject within the Trade Ruins. Search for a pile of rubble with a nicely buried upper body to complete off your fairy ensemble and operate off into the night time with a established bonus that grants added speed.

And there you are! Now you have all the gear and can brag to your close friends on social media about how the genuine Legend of Zelda is you.

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