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I was walking by means of the workplace with Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon dangling involving two fingers when my colleague spied the emblem. “That was my initial computer,” she said with immeasurable fondness. The ThinkPad was a good deal of people’s initial computer. Early ThinkPads have been developed like a tank and ran smooth like a spinning top rated. These times, the manufacturer, which IBM sold to Lenovo a decade ago, doesn’t have quite its 90s cachet, but its proceeds to be a workhorse—and the new fifth generation of its stellar Carbon line is a slick refinement of all the things you’ve at any time liked about that chunky black device.

If you are intimately acquainted with every single iteration of the Carbon you are going to detect the new unit is trim by comparison. Whilst the new X1 Carbon isn’t significantly thinner than previous year’s design, Lenovo’s shaved 6 inches off the footprint in both equally instructions, although protecting a major 14-inch display screen. It is 1.76 ounces lighter, and has 57 Watt per hour battery as opposed to the 52WHr battery discovered in previous year’s design. So this detail is extra nimble and lighter, but just as highly effective.

And as high-priced. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon has never ever been a low-cost device, and this year’s design is no distinctive: It starts off at $1329 with an i5 Kaby Lake processor, and I reviewed the $2200 i7 variation. That is unusually large for a Windows-dependent laptop. These times, we mainly see Windows as an very affordable substitute to Apple’s expensive objects of magnificence. But the ThinkPad X1 Carbon feels luxurious plenty of to warrant the selling price, and crucially, it’s luxurious in all the approaches an Apple laptop is not.

It is thicker than the new thirteen-inch MacBook Professional. It is also significantly lighter and has extra ports.

Apple has established the bar for quality laptops due to the fact Jony Ive’s relaxing British accent begun popping up in product or service announcement movies. Presently, if you want to spend a good deal on a laptop you can usually be expecting all the things to be aluminum and sleek, with a beautiful and shiny display screen. But the ThinkPad X1 Carbon is festooned in delicate contact black plastic, the display screen is matte, and the unit is not striving to be the thinnest laptop around, just the nicest. It is a refreshing reminder that a quality unit doesn’t have to glance like it was created in Cupertino.

That huge vent.

But if there’s a single individual element of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon that flies in the encounter of quality types, it’s that thickness. The chunkiness signifies it can in shape in a nice fast Kaby Lake processor and up to a 1TB sound state push, devoid of having so scorching sizzling you need to pull it away from your legs. There’s a major unsightly vent on the side to maintain factors cool, and normally I’d want to cry above that ugliness, but I have to confess that with summer on the horizon, a laptop that stays cool even when I’m functioning a activity is an appealing proposition. The thickness also affords the laptop loads of place for ports so you are not a prisoner of dongles as you need to be with extra small USB-C only laptops. It involves two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports (both equally can cost the laptop), and an HDMI port. All those ports and the major vent need the X1 Carbon be thick. But even with its girth, the X1 Carbon is also terribly mild. It is a 14-inch laptop that only weighs 2.49 kilos! The only laptop that balances fat and monitor dimension as neatly is the likewise priced 2.1 pound LG Gram. Nevertheless the ThinkPad X1 Carbon also feels sturdy in a way ultralight laptops never ever do.

Element of that sturdiness is psychological. It is bought a truly good harmony to it, even when laid out flat like a frisbee, and delicate contact plastic just the natural way helps make factors really feel extra sturdy than they may possibly be. Nevertheless this detail is also built with longevity in head. There’s no glass to shatter or steel to chip. If this laptop unintentionally fell on the ground my coronary heart wouldn’t jump into my throat.

Great massive keyboard, but a pair of keys are put in annoying spots.

And if I spilled a minimal water on the keyboard I wouldn’t freak out. The keyboard’s spillproof. It is also truly truly nice to type on. Every essential has above 3mm of vacation, which is a good deal for a laptop keyboard, and there’s a slight curve to every essential so that your fingers tumble just appropriate. The keys don’t click on with a snap, but they’re firm and excellent for churning out lengthy email messages. The operate keys are also larger than what you usually locate on a laptop, and Lenovo has managed to squeeze on keys usually only reserved for large seventeen-inch laptops. Keys like Residence, Insert, and Delete. Page Up and Page Down are also on the keyboard, but they’re established subsequent to the arrow keys, which led to quite a several accidental mistypes although I was tests the laptop.

It handles moisture pretty properly!

In an additional in addition that not every quality computer can assert, the laptop’s battery lifetime is good plenty of that I don’t have to be concerned about charging it continually. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon fees by using USB-C, which manufactured it quick to go away the charger at do the job and use my own USB-C charger at household. Nevertheless I only had to reach for the charger 2 times above the weekend, and that’s immediately after employing it for a complete working day of viewing Netflix. On ordinary, I bought about ten several hours of use on a cost, although carrying out the regular mix of net do the job, email messages, Photoshop, and some mild gameplay.

The battery effectiveness basically surprised me a minimal, mainly because the monitor on this detail is huge. A major chunk of your battery lifetime goes to powering major screens like the 14-inch display screen on this laptop. Having a page from Dell (and Samsung), Lenovo’s shaved away nearly all the bezel around the display screen in an effort to cram a 14-inch a single into a significantly lesser laptop. It is spectacular at initial glance, but immediately after a although it’s discouraging that it’s 1080p only. If there’s a put Lenovo missed the quality ball, it’s on that display screen.

NUBBIN. Also keys with amazing vacation.

The only other serious noteworthy “issue” with the ThinkPad X1 Carbon is its mouse resolution. There’s a trackpad in the regular put and a dorky pink trackball at the centre of the keyboard. Lenovo insists it maintains the trackball mainly because the ThinkPad’s supporters adore it. Superior for those supporters, but it’s a questionable decision all the exact as presumably those supporters are retirement age and simply cannot have that a lot of laptop buys in their long run. Trackballs are a product or service of a bygone period. They have been, the moment upon a time, super frequent on laptops. Most trackpads have been awful, and the nubbin, although not specifically nimble, was at minimum regular.

I was forcibly reminded of that background lesson owing to the ThinkPad X1 Carbon possessing a odd trackpad placing enabled. I originally believed anything was wrong with the laptop, as the trackpad appeared to randomly die, forcing me to use the nubbin as an alternative. After Lenovo sent a next unit with the exact situation I begun poking around the firmware and software program for the trackpad, hoping it was a software program situation.

It was. Drilling deep into the Synaptics firmware for the trackpad I discovered “Edge Tap Filtering” enabled. The placing is developed for people today still trapped in a time when touchpads provided buttons. It is meant to make useless zones. I’m not certain why the elderly adore this placing, but I can affirm that when it’s enabled you will want to murder your laptop by flinging it into the sun. The moment that situation was settled, I had zero use for the trackball. Since trackballs are no lengthier a “thing.” Lenovo’s vibrant pink a single feels a minimal out-of-date. It helps make an usually cool new laptop glance like anything out of 1998.

In a earth of flimsy, shiny laptops the ThinkPad X1 Carbon sets alone apart with its 90s glance. Retro isn’t always in, but its also not the finish of the earth. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is so properly developed that I don’t head it’s trend fake pas. If you are a typist with dollars to burn up, or you need a major display screen and a good deal of ability in a package that’s super mild, then the ThinkPad X1 Carbon should really be a single of your top rated possibilities for a laptop.


  • Crazy mild and sturdy sensation
  • Retro aesthetics will either go away you aggravated or in adore
  • Superb keyboard for such a slender and mild laptop
  • Trackpad had some system breaking software program enabled out of the box. That is bad.
  • The trackball still will work. Awesome?
  • Gentle contact plastic helps make this detail really feel great, but boy does it entice fingerprints.

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