I Like Zelda&#039s Leaf

Hi, my title is Mark. This weekend I finished Zelda. I like leaf.

Let’s acquire a seem at my present-day suite of weapons shall we?

Pretty the line-up I’m absolutely sure you’ll agree.

I have the Master Sword, of training course. I have a splendid collection of ‘++’ Guardian weaponry at my disposal. Axes, spears, swords, claymores. No price spared, nothing but the greatest.

I also have my motherfuckin’ leaf.

This is a tale about my leaf and how I hardly ever invested a one moment of my time in Zelda: Breath of the Wild without the need of one.

My Korok leaf. What a beast.

Screw you if you don’t like leaf.

Here’s a image of me in the mountain with my leaf.

Here’s a image of me fanning myself in the desert with my leaf.

Here’s me at the major of a random mountain. It’s cold out listed here, but I don’t brain since I have my leaf.

If you’re not participating in Zelda, a rapid recap. In Breath of the Wild weapons crack and you have a minimal volume of slots with which to carry them. Stock administration is crucial and often you need to make tricky choices and toss a perfectly great sword to the curb. Guaranteed, it’s great to have weapons that do a tremendous volume of hurt, but it’s also worthwhile possessing weapons that do things. Weapons that established shit on fireplace, weapons that do electric things. Perhaps a weapons that freezes issues? How about a big ol’ hammer with which to smash rocks and extract diamonds and ore. All rather useful.

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