John “TotalBiscuit” Bain Dies at 33


John Peter Bain, better known as TotalBiscuit died today. New of the video game critic’s death was announced on Twitter through his wife Genna Bain. He was 33.

Bain was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014 which later went into remission. Last year Bain announced that his cancer resurfaced and spread to his liver and spine.

Last month, Bain retired from game criticism after announcing that his cancer was no longer responding to chemotherapy. Bain continued to stream videos, and said that his various YouTube, Twitch channels would continue after his death.

“I fully expect The Co-optional Podcast to go on and I love the thought that once I’m gone, the channels will go on in my absence, hosted by the person who knows me best and has been with me for the better part of my adult life,” Bain wrote at the time.

Bain developed a popular online following for his candid impressions on video games and his work on video platforms like YouTube. He styled a personality-driven form of game criticism becoming an early “influencer” in the digital age, though not without controversy.

“Rest in peace, my dearest love,” wrote Genna on Twitter. His own Twitter account posted a photo of Bain with the inscription “John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain, July 8, 1984 to May 24, 2018.”

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