Kingdom Hearts Speedrun Ruined 8 Hrs In Thanks To Conserving Glitch

No a person likes having their recreation crash on them, but it is gotta be particularly distressing when you are in the center of marathon speedrunning session.

That’s what occurred to Bl00dyBizkitz in the center of a platinum trophy attempt in Kingdom Hearts II Closing Combine on PS4 (offered as portion of the two.5 Remix compilation). Above eight and a 50 percent hrs into his operate, Bl00dy went to preserve his recreation for the very first time only to be greeted by a CE-37878- mistake code. He straight away shut his eyes, resigned and defeated though the Twitch chat exploded in disbelief. “Looks like you get this spherical recreation,” he claimed.

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Most of us have been there prior to. You’re deep into a recreation, blazing by it with hrs of development under your belt, suckered into a fake perception of protection because of generous automobile-saves and how uncomplicated it is to go away online games functioning in the qualifications and come back again to them whenever you really feel like. Then, inexplicable, your recreation crashes. It is 2017, you believe to on your own, how are online games even now permitted to crash?

The preserve crash in the Kingdom Hearts two.5 High definition is a perfectly recognized bug by this point, at the very least amongst the folks enjoying it on PS4. Despite a massive, working day-a person patch from Square Enix when the recreation was produced in March, the problem has persisted, torturing gamers with its twisted paradox: you need to preserve typically to shield development but conserving the recreation is the extremely thing that triggers the crash.


Bl00dy is a consumate Kingdom Hearts speedrunner, keeping data in a handful of unique categories, and was doing the platinum attempt for fun as portion of his Thirty day period of Kingdom Hearts streaming agenda. But even as quite a few speedrunners make use of glitches in online games to test and conquer them much more quickly, there’s not a lot they can do in the facial area of bugs like the above. The recreation even now has a handful of challenges plaguing gamers, such as numerous seem difficulties, but Square Enix has not declared if there are any new patches in the pipeline at this time.

You can re-watch the complete speedrun, up right until the crash, here.

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