Let's Play Resident Evil 0 Part 7 - Resident Kinevil

Let’s Play Resident Evil 0 Part 7 – Resident Kinevil

Let’s Play Resident Evil 0 Part 7 – Resident Kinevil

In the newest episode of Kanini, Mary and Mike recount their old arguments and begin a few new ones as well. Spoiler alert: Mike is always right.

Watch more of Mike and Mary playing Resident Evil 0!

Red Forest Dog - last year

So the sixth episode and this one haven't been placed on the playlist yet? Cause i don't see them there

Allyson Shearer - last year

Guys!!!! You should have seen Sam’s face when he heard the shout out!!! He was so happy!!!!! Thank you so so so much! We love you❤️❤️❤️
And Mary, you were right! It’s a Boston terrier! His name is Walter 😁 (and he has his own Facebook if you want to follow him…he’s under Walter Rooney-Do) and we love your dog! So adorable!
PS….we vote for you guys to play the silent hill series. We are BIG fans of that series!

AgoodSAMaritan - last year

Hey guys this is Sam, thank you so much for the shout out! I really appreciate it. As you can tell we're big fans of the series and Resident Evil in general. We watch each episode as it airs. That was really cool of you guys to do that so thanks again and thank you Ally for suggesting they do that! Oh, and also as others have said, please play Silent Hill after you're finished with Resident Evil if you have the time! We're huge fans of it!

Michael Hernandez - last year

I can’t believe how many episodes there are. When this first stared with RE1 I was so excited and the excitement of every episode never ends. I look forward to Saturday’s. Y’all have grown with us I feel like. Thanks for the laughs, scares and amazing moments!! Love y’all

4173 - last year


Nathan Shepherd - last year

X3 Mollies a day keeps a Marcus away.

Statistics of the playthrough thus far:
Deaths: 3
Kills: 79 (Zombies: 51, Cerberus: 4, Mimicry Marcus: 2, Stinger: 1, Plague Crawlers: 10, Centurion: 1, Crows: 2, Giant Spiders: 3, Eliminators: 3, Hunters: 2)
Chewed on by Zom: 14
Health recoveries: 10
Saves: 11

See you guys again next week!

Karol Wiszniewski - last year

Mary is so beautiful 🙂 Pls add me somewhere 😀 Love how you always drop controller after something stressful happen

Karol Wiszniewski - last year

PS I'm single 😛

Undefined Variable - last year

Who wants to see Mike in a tank top and Mary rocking the "dukes" for Halloween?

Undefined Variable - last year

15:42 He just shot a leech clean off her shoulder, Billy: "Let me get that for you, Sweet-cheeks…" Bang! "Good thing I was here."
26:26 I got an ad after Rebecca busted that last note.

Hannah McMillan - last year

"he's leeching me"

Nathan Shepherd - last year

Kinevil Discord server set-up for the Kinini community: discord [.gg] [forwardslash] 6kdUDhn (can't just embed the link unfortunately)

Henry Dorsett Case - last year

Ahurdur look at kernal sanders lolz

Hannah McMillan - last year

Please could you change Rebecca's outfit back to her STARS one? The cowgirl rodeo look surely isn't practical and I feel cold just looking at her 😂

Cole Knapp - last year

Mike "wet crotch" Mahardy

Bobby Kawecki - last year

Does anyone know how to take a single shot and split it into two smaller pieces like they have here ?

DrPhalange - last year

Mike should wear daisy dukes as punishment for missing the first cosplay

Mohammad Nagati - last year

Thanks again for the shout out .. I think I already mentioned this to Mary, but try using the right analog stick to move the 2nd character simultaneously .. It's very efficient that way to go through areas instead of leaving someone behind .. As long as the command is set to follow you can basically make them run in opposite directions and still be together on the other side of the door .. btw you guys need to start considering the 2 hour episodes very soon as not much time left before RE2 Remake to still do Revelations 1&2

HHHHBK718 - last year

Tips for killing the leech men: When you first encounter them they are in the "old man" form and can't attack you in this state. They will start to transform into the leech man state and it takes them about 5-7 seconds to complete THEN they'll attack, you should throw molotov cocktails (3 should kill them) or shoot fire grenades (also 3) during the transformation. This is the best way to deal with them since they constantly attack with their extended limbs while moving towards you and won't flinch to ANY of your attacks.

ONEWAYLEEWAY - last year

Definitely think Kish would beat Mike in a fight 😜
Great episode guys!

yogenz - last year

Haven't watched full episode yet. Don't move the items to the observatory, there's a flashing L1 in the inventory that allows you see both characters inventory so you don't have to keep switching, L1 also alternates between enemies when aiming since I notice twice in previous episodes you forgot about it, and in the last episode you wondered if Rebecca was poisoned when the spider hit her: she was at full health and didn't grab her side, meaning she wasn't poisoned so you didn't need to check the inventory – if she grabbed her side immediately then she would have been either in caution or poisoned.

Sajan87 - last year

How do people go on with their lives without watching resident kinevil every Saturday? Lol

Anyways, Since this is the new “Dead Air” what did you guys think of “The Nun”?

Heather H - last year

"you got the water motif on your crotch" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

miltbottleboy - last year

I dip my toe in and out of this show. Found the "infamous esp" they said they fell out. Resident evil 5 esp 6 ?

Rafael Bezerra - last year

Mahardy <3

Box3r13 - last year

Sorry, Mike it was just a perfect moment of Mary looking into the camera after one of your jokes for what it's worth.

Darryl - last year

Visa handle

Lee Gridley - last year

Hey Mike and Mary! I work horrible, lonely nights on Saturday and Sunday, and Kinini has been my fuel for the last year! I watch on my lunch break, and scream right along with Mary at all the jump scares! Thanks for everything guys. Kinini forever!!

Charles Lee III - last year

Press L1 while pressing and holding R1 to change targets. 33:52

Charles Lee III - last year

When u pick up an item, u can choose "Use", it'll give u the option 2 either "Use" it or "Combine" it with items already in ur inventory.

Eric Fitch - last year

Yes please play through silent hill after resident is finished, You guys are one of the only series I consistently watch and look forward to. Keep it up!

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