Linkle The New Female Version of Link from The Legend of Zelda Joins Nintendo

Nintendo’s flurry of fall information in the course of the Nintendo Direct announcement today got here the introduction of a protracted-awaited and far rumored new character named Linkle. Even non-Nintendo followers ought to be capable of determining that the twin-crossbow-wielding fighter “from a small village filled with Cuccos” is a feminine model of The Legend of Zelda’s Hyperlink. Linkle can be a unique character for the upcoming 3DS spinoff Hyrule Warriors Legends due out in North America on March twenty-fifth, 2016.

Whereas not formally a part of the Japanese recreation maker’s canon — Hyrule Warriors Legends developed by Dynasty Warriors creator Koei Temco. Linkle marks a daring departure from custom for Nintendo. The character was first launched in an artwork book for the Wii U version of Hyrule Warriors again in the summertime of 2014 as a “woman model of hero Hyperlink” on a web page devoted to beforehand unseen, however, rejected characters. So Linkle by no means made the lower for the that model of the sport. However, it seems that Nintendo has taken the design and adopted via for the handheld spin-off.

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