Lizalfos Suck - One Life In Zelda Breath Of The Wild | GraveHoppers Ep. 9

Lizalfos Suck – One Life In Zelda Breath Of The Wild | GraveHoppers Ep. 9

Lizalfos Suck – One Life In Zelda Breath Of The Wild | GraveHoppers Ep. 9

In GraveHoppers, if you die in a game, you move on to the next. In this case, it’s Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Rob is now in Hyrule Castle looting weapons. Silver Lizalfos roam the royal hallways… and they are the worst.

Moncef Saadi - last year

Nice video bro

Yaboi slappy noodle - last year

Go dad!!!

Zac Pulling - last year

In master mode Lizalfos are the bane of my existence

GameSpot - last year

How bad do Lizalfos suck on a scale of 1 to 10?

Kings Tallington - last year

I havent watched yet so dont know if your still alive and probably should have posted this on the last vid but use cantering on horses to get out of tight spots.

James Guerrero - last year

Rob should do voice acting for a Zelda game, some of his screams are right on par with the ones in this game 😂

SmileyFrawg - last year

Welcome to the Breathe of the Wild play through
They have canceled Gravehoppers for this

Kevin Thornton - last year

Enjoying this series so much please keep it going

Undefined Variable - last year

Rob is too OP.
He needs to be nerfed.
Make him play without his glasses.

James Guerrero - last year

If you shop from Beedle in different areas enough he gives you ancient arrows. Also you can upgrade your champion's tunic with three silent princess flowers

Chris Pap - last year

This game wants to look both realistic and cartoony and ends up looking drab…

Polar Apple - last year

This game is still technically 'new'. Sad TLoZ hasn't developed an online service yet.

Flamur Alaj - last year

Do you guys take requests for future seasons? I'd like to nominate Onimusha: Warlords, but the PS4 edition.

Yosemite Saam - last year

If you're cooking for more yellow hearts you need to put more of the effecting ingredients in. Non effect ingredients only help your red hearts. Putting meat and apples with one durian is going to give minimum yellow hearts (because of the minimal effecting ingredients) with more red (because of the random other stuff).

Crow Migration - last year

This is an awesome idea. How is this not blowing up?

Maeve Noor - last year

How about "Ori and the blind Forest: Defintitve Edition" for your next game? It even has a one life mode … Convenient, eh? 😊😁

Tyler Grohskopf - last year

there is a free Royal Claymore on top of the tower closest to the forest.

M R - last year


Sammy Potatosalad - last year

Hardcore mode from Red Dead Redemption GOTY would be fun, the Undead nightmare campaign would probably be funner to watch

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